An enclosed valley

Vallcarca is the contraction of the toponym Vall Càrcara, which means “enclosed (encarcarat), valley”, where the waters of the stream Merdançà flowed into. The neighbourhood of Vallcarca lays hidden between two hills, the Turó del Putget and the Turó del Coll and it stretches along the flow of the watercourse from which it receives its name.
First it was the place where the Barcelona manual workers spent their summer holidays, with lots of small houses and scattered towers which were an authentic paradise sheltered by the two hills and far away from the bustling city centre. But the interests of this new well-to-do class did not coincide with the valley’s people: the former wanted peace and quiet, while the latter wanted to improve the infrastructures and communications. A viaduct that bordered the valley was finally built, the bridge of Vallcarca, the watercourse was developed. Following the river bed, the Vallcarca Avenue was laid out (before the military hospital), making the neighbourhood no longer isolated.

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The neighbours recommend
vallcarca elrinconBar EL RINCÓN
avinguda de la República Argentina, 162
Phone 934 171 150
Tiny bar located in an ideal corner (rincón) that offers excellent views of the bridge and the valley of Vallcarca.
Places of interest
Parc Guell

carrer d’Olot, s/nº.
Phone 932 130 488
This park designed by Antoni Gaudí was declared a World Heritage by UNESCO. It was commissioned by the industrialist and patron of the arts, Eusebi Güell. The initial idea was to build a fifteen hectares garden city but the project failed and now you can gaze at only two houses: the present-day Casa Museu Gaudí and the Martí Trias House. In the main entrance, there are also two pavilions, which were meant to serve as a caretaker’s office and service’s quarters and which nowadays are used as an information centre and shop in the park.

Parc Turo Putget

carrer Manacor, 9
This park is placed at the highest point of the Putget hill, that is why here you will enjoy of a wide view of Collserola mountain chain or of the city extending until the sea. You can access the park through one of the escalator recently placed in the neighbourhood.


Comas Argemir

avinguda de la República Argentina, 92
A Modernist home built in 1904 that looks like a medieval fort. This work’s architect, Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas, also designed the Arc del Triomfof Barcelona.


Vallcarca Viaducte

carrer del Viaducte / plaça de Mons
This bridge was built in 1923 to join the hills of Creueta del Coll and Putget. It was designed by Lluís Homs and Eduard Ferrés and it was one of the first building was used in Catalonia.


la miranda

av. Coll del Portell, 74
Phone 932 840 126
Located in an old noble tower very near to Parc Güell, here they offer courses and workshops such as yoga, theatre, craftworks… in combination with events like music and poetry’s festivals.


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