Bac de Roda

“Head” of Catalan Resistence

Francesc Macià i Ambert, better known as Bac de Roda, was a statesman and a militant and as a supporter of the Archduke Charlesof Austria, he wrestled with the company of Osona, a paramilitary unit during the War of Spanish Succession, first against the French troops and later against the Spanish troops, who were engaging in Catalunya.
During the war, he defeated the Bourbon army at Osona, and later also served in the defense of Montjuïc and of Barcelona. Among the leaders of the the Archduke’s supporters, the vigatans, Bac de Roda was appointed captain in the Third Regiment of the Royal Guard.

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The neighbors recommend
canpineda bacderodaRestaurant CAN PINEDA
Carrer de Sant Joan de Malta, 55
Phone 933 083 081
A famous place in the neighborhood where you can eat well, but get the wallet!

cerveceria elpaso bacderodaBrewery EL PASO
Gran Via de les Corts, 923-929
Phone 933 070 569
Tapas that will suit everybody. If you want to be on the safe side, I suggest the “Lola meatballs”.

Places of interest

Coming out of the station, between Rambla Guipúzcoa and the street Valencia, there is a sporting oasis where you will find a sports centre with swimming pool and squash courts. It also houses the offices of many institutions and federations, as the Federación Catalana de Baloncesto, de Pelota. If you go down, you will find many squares dedicated to female characters: Victoria Kent, of Montserrat Garriga,Maria Antònia Salvà, Mercè Caspir and Soledad Gustavo, where there is the civic centre and the public library.

torre del fang bacderoda

Carrer del Clot, 228
This is one of the oldest buildings in the neighborhood, of late 13th/early14th century. His name, the Mud Tower was chosen because of the material its walls were covered with.


jardins clodelamelJARDINS DEL CLOT DE LA MEL
carrer de Lope de Vega, 280
In the nineteenth century, the gardens of Clot de la Mel were surrounded by hives and cultivated lands, but with the industrial revolution there were built factories, taking lands from natural areas. In 1998, this part of the neighbourhood of Clot changed again and turned in the gardens that we find nowadays.

carrer de Selva de Mar, 215
Phone 932 565 760
The Civic Center Sant Martí is a municipal structure for the dissemination and promotion of culture mainly dedicated to the district of Sant Martí dels Provençals and its neighbourhood.

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