Sant Roc

San Roque, the dog’s

Sant Roc was born in Montpellier in the late 13th century, he made pilgrimages around the world and he devoted most of his life to cure the plague victims. A legend has it that Saint Roque arrived in Barcelona to treat those suffering from an outbreak of plague that infested the city; But he also went flying to get sick and to avoid the danger he could infect other people, he was thrown out from the house where he was staying. It is said that A dog felt pity for him and licking his wound it cured him.

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The neighbours recommend
Calacarme SantRocRestaurant CA LA CARME
carrer de Julio Gálvez Brussón, 117
Phone 933 977 422
Modest restaurant and family atmosphere, with a menu of simple but very good Catalan cuisine. Its customers are mainly workers in the area.They also make ordering takeaway.

doridori SantRocPASTAS DORI-DORI
carrer de Guifré, 664-668
Phone 933 870 108
Here all kinds of pastries and sweets are produced handmade and industrially, including those typical of lent, of the 6th January and of Saint Juan day. They are in Badalona from more than 25 years.

Places of Interest

f you go along Avenida Maresme towards the sea we arrive at Tres chimeneas (Three Chimneys) of Sant Adrià de Besòs, who belonged to the ancient thermal power plant of Fecsa-Endesa, at the mouth of the river Besò. They have become a symbol of this district. Recently, it was approved the project for the transformation of this energy facility in central and in social and cultural structures. Near the chimneys, there is the shoreline Park near the beach. Every Tuesday, there is a market under the motorway bridge Barcelona-Mataró, where you will find everything and more…

centrecivic SantRoc

avinguda de sant Joan Evangelista, s/nº
Phone 933 870 612
Civic Center where it is possible to organize many conferences and cultural activities.



biblioteca SantRocSANT ROC LIBRARY
avinguda del Congrés Eucarístic, s/nº
Tel. 934 601 257
One of the libraries in Badalona where you can read, study and search for any type of information.


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