Baró de Viver

Organizer of the 1929 Expo

In the nineteenth century, the land that today comprises the neighborhood of the district of Sant Andreu belonged to the Rumeu family of Mataró, the Barons of Viver. The surname Viver seems to to derive from vivarium or (nursery lands) that this family owned. In 1928, these lands on the banks of the river Besòs were sold in order to build houses, although it is not quite clear who carried out the sale. While some documents point to the Marquise of Castellvell, the proprietress, as having sold them, other documents show that it was Darius Rumeu i Freixa, the Baron of Viver, the proprietor, who ceded the land to the Patronat de l’Habitatge (Housing Trust) for the latter to exploit them and to quickly build (without the Municipality’s permits paradoxically) the real estate needed to house the workmen who were busy building Barcelona’s International Exhibition of 1929.

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The neighbors recommend
carrer de Clariana, 21
Phone 933 457 796
There are not too many options in this area and I was suggested this modest bar where from Monday to Saturday a menu of the day is served. On Sundays it is only a la carte. It’s open seven days a week.
Places of interest
riberariobesos baroviverRIBERA DEL RÍO BESÓS
Parque Fluvial del Besós
From here one can head on down to the bank of the River Besòs, which is currently in the process of an environmental recovery plan to turn it into a fluvial-park for public use. Until its you will see lots of kinds of birds and plants, people who are walking or with their bikes or skates!

carrer Quito, 8-10
Phone 932 565 097
Civic centers are places rooted to the neighborhood, where all kinds of activities are available to both the native and the out-of-town population.

parctrinitat barodeviverPARC DE LA TRINITAT
via de Barcino, s/nº
Designed by the architects Enric Batle i Joan Roig, it is a very popular place, especially on weekends. It has two tennis courts, a fronton court, two basketball courts and an ice rink as well as an airplane modeling flying field. Furthermore, this park has a vegetable garden, which allows the neighbors of the area to grow their own produce. From the top-end of this park you can reach the Trinitat Vella station.

carrer de Tucuman, 1
Phone 933 455 613
A Little library of the district that has recently been founded. 



The neighbors association, on passeig de Gayaquil, 53, organizes the largest neighborhood festivities, which takes place on the last days of the month of September. For enquires you can ring the following number on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays: 933 114 193

festamajor baroviver


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