Bon Pastor

The father Botella
Located in the municipality of Sant Andreu, it was originally a basically rural district independent from Barcelona. The lands of the Sanchís district were the first settlement and plenty of the surrounding areas were selt to well-off families until 1929, the year when the famous “cheap houses” were built. In 1943 this district became part of the city, thanks to the action of the priest Joan Cortina of the Buen Pastor parish, also known as “Pare Botella”(The bottle father) for the thousands bottles that he gathered during his life. He wanted to make money to build schools in a district that lacked of them. So, from this church the whole district took the name that still preserves today.

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The neighbours recommend
Restaurant DopazoRestaurant EL COMENSAL
Carrer del Segre, 125
Tel. 932 52 98 72
A modest Family Run Restaurant where they use seasonal and local products.
Restaurant DopazoRestaurant KIWI
Carrer de Sant Adrià, 135
Tel. 934 61 68 47
A crowded place in the neighbourhood, located in an area far from the luxury restaurants… It is open every day of the week and it has a lunch menu.
Places of Interest
centre civic sant andreu

carrer Ferran Junoy, 1
La Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima was a factory of train’s machines that was founded in 1855 and that worked until 1993, when it was bought up by a multinational and the facilities were moved to Santa Perpètua de Mogoda. Some years later there were started the works to turn the factory into a park, a shopping centre and houses. In 2000 the park was inaugurated, a wide green space with a large number of trees, most of them planted at the beginning of the 20th century. The park preserves the setting wheel of the first steam machine that was used in the factory.

carrer dela Sagrera

Plaça de Robert Gerhard, 3
Tel. 933 14 79 47
Workshops, activities for children, assistance for groups and bodies and very interesting initiatives.

sat fabraipuigBON PASTOR LIBRARY
carrer de l’Estadella, 64
Tel. 934 98 02 16
Inaugurated in 2004, this library gained the neighbourhood’s fidelity over time. Today you will find here a study hall, an area where to find job, a reading club and a lot more…
sat fabraipuigBON PASTOR MARKET
Carrer de Sant Adrià, 154
Tel. 934 13 23 33
The old market of Buon Pastor dates back to 1960 and it is currently under costruction, so you will find the temporary market in front a good example of the so-called “cheap houses”.