Torre Baró – Vallbona

The baron’s castle

Torre Baró was a neoclassical building located at the foot of the Ribes road where important people from other cities sometimes were received. It belonged to Sivatte and people say he wanted to build the castle between 1904 and 1910 for to make her daughter recover her health. However, she died, and the castle’s constructions was not finished. In 1989 the city council decided to renovate Torre Baró and a viewpoint was inaugurated.

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The neighbours recommend
Although there are fewer amenities in the periphery of Barcelona than in downtown, it does offer more serene areas far from the clatter of the city. You can enjoy visiting the local business that sell a wide variety of products. You sometimes may have the feeling I am in another country!

carrer Vallcibera, s/nº
Phone 933 594 107
At the train station bar they offer lunch menu, sandwiches and tapas. In summer you can enjoy their terrace.

Places of Interest
From the station one can walk to the already mentioned Torre Baró Castel that abuts on the Baró Mirador Tower, where there is an amazing view of the city. On your way, you can make your way across the Pla de Fornells park.
Next to the subway station is the Renfe train station, from whence trains to Terrassa, Cerdanyola, Manresa and Vic take off. If one continues on the Vallbona Avenue—which is full of trees and that provides a grateful shadow in summer time—in the direction of the Casa de l’Aigua, you will be treated to fantastic views of the entire area of Besòs, in parallel with one of the highway in and out of the city.
carrer de Vallcivera, 3 bis
Phone 933 537 519
This building inaugurated in 2009 that stands out for the architectural style as well as for the importance he has within the district, which lacks public and cultural facilities.