Captain of the Almogavars

Berenguer d’Entença i de Montcada was a Catalan nobleman who was a member and captain of the Almogavars—mercenary soldiers of the thirteenth century—under the orders the German Roger von Blume (later translated as Roger Blum). The German made him Mega Duke of Rumania and Lord of Anatolia, a distinction that filled with ire another of the expedition chiefs: Bernard de Rocafort.

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The neighbours recommend
Entena FormatgeriaHomFormatgería HOM
carrer de Provença, 79
Tel. 934 398 235
With more than 100 cheeses, this is a very popular spot. You will find cheese for all palates. They also offer take away meals.

Entenca JaumeProvenza

carrer de Provença, 88
Tel. 934 300 029
Catalan and international fresh-market food. A gift for all your senses, although it might hurt your wallet.

Places of Interest

Very close to here is the Men’s Penitentiary Centre of Barcelona, better known as the Model, a prison located between Provença, Entença, Rosselló and Nicaragua streets. Inaugurated in 1904, it was one of the pioneer centres within the new penitentiary system of the time, and is one of the symbols of political repression of the Franco era, as some of its inmates belonged to the political, social and cultural life of Catalonia. There are plans for the prison to be relocated to other grounds, and the present space of 12.000 m2, which takes up two blocs of the Eixample, will be turned into a school, a sports centre, as well as a centre for the elderly and a civic centre, and there will also be an area which will host a memorial in remembrance of the jails that the city has had.

jardins montserratJARDINS DE MONTSERRAT
carrer de Montserrat, 226
Known as the jardinets d’Entença (the little gardens of Entença) they occupy half a block of the Eixample and inside they hold the Lola Anglada public library.

biblioteca Urgell copiaCENTRE CÍVIC URGELL
carrer de Comte d’Urgell, 145-147
Tel. 934 539 881
This centre has 7 rooms used to host workshops and other activities, an auditorium, an exhibition hall and a space for children, but not only that! Inside this active centre there is the library of Esquerra del Eixample Agustí Centelles.