Two entrepreneur brothers

Badal (or Abadal), a surname which derives from the term abbot, was the name of the old family to whom these lands belonged to. In 1864, Josep and Oleguer Badal i Burés founded Badal Hermanos Company and rented out the flour mill known as Lleonard’s to the community of water-right-holders, proprietors and landholders of the Infanta Channel. Later on, in 1894, these lands fell into the hands of Josep Badal i Amigó and Oleguer Badal i Soley.

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The neighbours recommend
Badal BlauRestaurante BLAU
carrer del Tenor Massini, 61
Tel. 933 300 112
Fresh-market food in an old home with an inside patio. They offer a lunch menu.

Badal casaLoloRestaurante CASA LOLO
carrer d’Arizala, 5-7
Tel. 934 406 006
Great homemade tapas: baby squid, octopus… Simply delicious!

Badal AniShawarmaRestaurante ANI SHAWARMA
carrer de Riera Blanca, 146
L’Hospitalet de Llobregat
One of the many kebab restaurants in Barcelona. Their specialty is the durum.


Badal LaRieraVegetarian Restaurant LA RIERA
carrer del Regent Mendieta, 15
Tel. 629 574 268
One of the few vegetarian restaurants of Barcelona. Very cosy, cheap and assorted menu. They offer special prices for several dishes.

Places of Interest

Badal Jardins CanMantega

carrer de Joan Güell, 53
Another little corner of Barcelona to enjoy a peaceful moment, that is f you go there before kids get out of school and invade the gardens at 5pm.


Badal MercatSants

carrer Sant Jordi, 6 (trasladado temporalmente a la carpa de la Rambla de Badal, entre las calles Canalejas y Daoiz i Velarde).
Tel. 933 395 553
This market has been renovated and it has a lot of history. It was born in Sant Crist street and it was designed by the famous architect Pere Falqués i Urpí. The majestic naves of iron, brick and glass are of the early 20th century.