Camp de l’Arpa

A dolmen by the name of Archa

It seems the name of Camp de l’Arpa is a distortion of the place name Camp de l’Arca. In some documents dating back to the year 1037, there is mention of Ipsa Archa, a dolmen that stood in the area, and from which the name Camp de l’Arca derives.
Nowadays Camp de l’Arpa is part of the Sant Martí de Provençals district.

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The neighbours recommend
CampdelArpa SibarRestaurante SIBAR (Masía CAN MIRALLETES)
carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 310
(esquina con carrer de Conca)
Tel. 934 334 845
This is one of the few farm houses left in the city with more than 250 years of existence. Today you can enjoy elaborate and innovative cooking. Better make reservations.

CampdelArpa LosPajaritosRestaurante LOS PAJARITOS
carrer de Muntanya, 94
Tel. 934 353 157
First-rate shell fish restaurant with a district atmosphere and a friendly environment. On top of shell fish, they offer a varied menu of tapas.

campdelArpa MiquetesmagiquesRestaurante MIQUETES MÀGIQUES
carrer del Trobador, 20
Tel. 934 363 034
Macrobiotic Catalan cuisine restaurant in a very friendly environment.

CampdelArpa Basilea

Restaurante BASILEA
carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 211
Tel. 934 330 516
Swiss food with a wide variety of fondues and delicious raclettes. If you plan on going, you better make a reservation since it is very small and gets crowded rapidly.


CampdelArpa bodegaFerminBODEGA FERMÍN
carrer de la Indústria, 273
Tel. 934 355 173
This two storey rustic tavern is perfect to drink some beers and grab a bite in the Madrid style. Their food and prices are good.

Places of Interest

Fabrica Alchemika

carrer de Sant Antoni Maria CLaret, 358 / del Guinardó / de la Indústria

For a long time the neighbours in this area demanded that this old factory be rehabilitated for social and cultural needs. Finally their requests were heard and the city will build a library, an elderly people centre and a kindergarten in the building.

carrer Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 310
Enjoy this very popular park and loved by people in the district.

carrer Navas de Tolosa, 312
Tel. 933 493 522
This civic centre has 12 rooms used for a wide range of activities, like computing, cookery, health, personal growth, creativity, workshops for children…

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