The Eucharistic legacy

The origin to the Congrés district stems from to the XXXV International Eucharistic Congress that took place in Barcelona in 1952. This event occurred in the middle of the Franco years and it was organized by Archbishop Gregorio Modrego and over 80 countries participated. The new district was christened with the name of Congrés, in memory of that religious event and the project’s promoters.

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The neighbours recommend
Congres TascaiVinsRestaurante Masía TASCA I VINS
carrer del Cardenal Tedeschini, 32
Tel. 934 082 739
This restaurant located in the fifteenth century farm-house Ca l’Armera, or Can Ros , was in the past property of the Ros family and one of the last vestiges of rural life in Barcelona. Where the farm had its barns and cellars, you can now eat toasted bread with cured meats, paté and cheese at very reasonable prices.

Congres yorubasonRestaurante YORUBA SON
carrer d’Olesa, 34
Tel. 934 087 794
At this restaurant they mix the culinary cultures of Cuba and Catalonia. While you await a table, you might enjoy one of their great cocktails.

Congres indiansRestaurante INDIANS
carrer de Campo Florido, 52
Tel. 933 527 262
At this signature cuisine restaurant, they mix the sophistication of modern cooking with the traditional and popular styles. The best thing: the terrace!

Places of Interest

Congres Canodrom

carrer de Concepció Arenal, 165-185
This modern style and emblematic building was once home to the Meridiana dog track. It closed in 2006 and is currently undergoing a major reform before becoming a centre for contemporary art. The architects Xavier Monteys and Josep Maria de Lecea, who are in charge of this restoration will maintain the original façade.

Jardins Indians

carrer de Jordi de Sant Jordi, 16
These gardens were inaugurated in 2003 in commemoration of the fiftieth r anniversary of the creation of the Congrés district.

Congres Casaldebarri

carrer de Manigua, 25-35
Tel. 933 513 953
At this two-storey centre they hold workshops and have children shows, lectures and expos. The building has a terrace open to the public. Closed on weekends.


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