El Carmel

The God’s garden

The name of the metro station and the district comes from the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary of Carmel mountain, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Carmen and was built among 1860 and 1864. The name of a street ̶ calle Santuario (sanctuary) ̶ also comes from this religious building. Carmel derives from the Jewish word Karm-El, that means garden or vine of God, and it is linked to the worship of the Virgin Mary of Carmel or of the Carmel Israeli mountain.

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The neighbours recommend
Maragall BotaracoCervecería LA CREMA D’ART BREWERY
carrer Dante Alighieri, 77
Tel. 934 293 018
A well-known place in the district especially for its open-air terrace where you can eat tapas and enjoy fantastic views.

pastisseria AudreyAUDREY CAKE-SHOP
carrer Dante Alighieri, 145
Tel. 934 297 885
A café where you can find a large assortment of homemade sweets products, at reasonable prices.

Maragall ChihuahuaLA TASCA BREWERY
rambla del Carmel, 28-30
Tel. 933 575 203
It is one of the district’s bar where you can find all kind of tapas at any time. They have also some tables outside.

Places of Interest
parroquia Carmel

carrer del Santuari, 116
Tel. 934 295 793
This temple, which was inaugurated in 1988, was a habitual meeting place in the last century. It is located near the old sanctuary, which was founded in 1864 by the hermit Miquel Viladoms.

Biblioteca El-Carmel-Juan-Mars

LIBRARY El Carmel-Juan Marsé
carrer de Murtra, 135-145
Tel. 934 072 870
It is the first library of the district that was finally inaugurated in 2003, after there had been a lot of complaints by the neighbours for many years.


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