A thorn less memory

A gavarra is a hillock full of brambles typical of mountain vegetation, of which the sweetbriar or the gabarda: gavarrera in Catalan, wild rose in English, are the names by which these roses are commonly known. In the eleventh century a house called Mas Gavarra stood in this area.
La Gavarra began to be developed in the 50s and it’s situated between the Fogars de Tordera Rd. and the Sant Ildefons district.

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The neighbours recommend
Gavarra CanSumarruRestaurante CAN SUMARRU
passeig dels Ferrocarrils Catalans, 250
Cornellà de Llobregat
Tel. 934 740 666
Even though this restaurant is a bit far from the metro stop, its homemade cooking is excellent and thus recommendable. It has a terrace and a garden with tables as well.

Gavarra PantaibericRestaurante PANTAIBÈRIC
avinguda de Salvador Allende, 2
Cornellà de Llobregat
Tel. 933 763 201
This restaurant offers fine jamones (cured meats), cheeses and salads.

Places of Interest

Gavarra ColoniaRoses

carrer de Víctor Pradera, 17
Cornellà de Llobregat
Exemplary labour camp built in Cornellà by the Rosés textile society in 1851.
This was the typical types of buildings that are towards to the working class of the 19th century.

Gavarra FiraCornellaCORNELLÀ FAIR
carrer de Tirso de Molina, 34
Cornellà de Llobregat
Tel. 934 740 202
These fairgrounds, work of the architect Jordi Frontó, have more than 8000 square meters. In their website you can look up the calendar of trade shows.

carrer d’Albert Einstein, 51
Cornellà de Llobregat
Tel. 934 744 358
The auditorium is within the grounds of the Fira de Cornellà and has a seating capacity for 698 people.

carretera de l’Hospitalet, s/nº
Tel. 933 779 991
Cornellà de Llobregat
Joaquin Mercader, Count of Bell·lloc, ordered the construction of a palace in the medievalist style, surrounded by gardens which nowadays are open to the public. Inside the Palace one can enjoy the Museum Palau Mercader, with a solid collection of paintings, ceramics, weapons, and, even a few stuffed birds. Open on Sundays and holidays morning, although private showings throughout the week can be arranged by dialling 934 745 135 or 933 770 025.

mercat CornellaCORNELLÀ MARKET
plaça Lluís Companys, s/nº
In the website you will find all the services offered by this market in addition to cooking tricks, recipes, articles and a food list in as many as ten foreign languages!
(On Saturday morning, in front of the municipal market, you will find a little market with music, new and old CDs, books, magazines, etc… a different place where to go in the weekend without spending a lot of money.)

carrer Mossèn Andreu, 15
Cornellà de Llobregat
Tel. 933 760 111
Beyond the library services, they organize guided tours, reading clubs and activities for children and families.



The grand festivities of Gavarra are celebrated during the second weekend of September, and are organized largely by the Coordinadora d’Entitats de la Gavarra. For more information visit:

Gavarra FestaMajor