The washerwomen’s district

The first mention of Horta appears as early as the year 965, in documents that record the ceding of some lands of the Valley of Horta which bordered on Horta’s Rambla, to the Church of Sant Miquel of Barcelona. Towards 1095, the Horta family (written Orta), who at that time were important landowners, commissioned the building of the Parish of Sant Joan.
Some houses began to be built around this temple as early as the 13th century.

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The neighbours recommend

Horta Quimet

plaça d’Eivissa, 10
Tel. 933 581 916
The Quimet is the bar of the square, one of the more emblematic bars in Horta.

Horta pastisseriaSantAntoniPASTISSERIA SANT ANTONI
carrer del Tajo, 60
Tel. 934 292 745
Don’t miss trying their carquinyolis* or chocolate mousse.
*Carquinyolis, or carquiñoles, are tiny cookies made with flower, egg, sugar and almonds. Since it’s eaten when they are very dry, they are usually accompanied by a sweat wine such as muscat.

Horta CanJoanetRestaurante CAN JOANET
carrer de Tajo, 6
Tel. 933 582 554
Catalan cuisine, grilled meats and a very Catalan specialty in season: calçots! A classic of the neighborhood, and of all Barcelona.

Places of Interest

One of the metro exits takes you to Eivissa square, urbanized in 1888, where you will find the sculpture of Eivissenca by Joan Centelles. The quietness of this square, where neighbours gather often, is an example of what kind of district Horta is. Strolling down carrer de Porto on your left you will run into one of Barcelona’s narrowest streets named carrer de Crehuet, or carrer del Soldat, where only one person at a time can walk thorough. The other narrowest street in the city is the carrer de les Mosques, in the Ribera district right in the centre of the city.
In the carrer d’Aiguafreda lined old pots point to the place where the old public laundry houses were located.

Horta AteneuHortenc

carrer de Pere Pau, 8-10
Tel. 933 573 040
Founded in 1865, this cultural association was awarded the Creu de Sant Jordi (Cross of St. George) given by the autonomous government of Catalonia (La Generalitat) for its contribution to the cultural and social cohesion in Horta. They organize dances for elderly people every Monday, Wednesday and on weekend afternoons. The bar in the centre takes you back to old rural casinos filled with smoke, people and noise.

Horta canmariner

carrer del Vent, 1
Tel. 934 208 285
Dating back to 1050, this is the best kept farm in Horta. Recently it was open to the public as a library.

Horta espai jove boca nord

carrer dels Agudellst, 37-45
Tel. 934 299 369
Un centro que hierve de vida donde organizan talleres de todo tipo, conciertos, exposiciones y charlas. This is an extremely lively and active centre that organizes workshops of all kinds and lectures. They also have recording rooms, rehearsal rooms for music bands, and a photography laboratory.

Horta biblioCanMariner

carrer del Vent, 1
Tel. 934 208 285
In this library located in a historic building you will find all kind of initiatives, like cinema, theatre and courses. For further information check on the website.

centrecivic Matas i Ramis

carrer de Feliu i Codina, 20
Tel. 934 072 356
A very interesting civic centre, located in a modernist building of 1912 and specialized in music.

llusos Horta

carrer de Feliu i Codina, 7
Tel. 934 277 327
A very popular centre in the Horta district where a lot of activities take place, like workshops, trips, family cinema, theatre, table tennis… and many others you can discover on the website.

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Celebrated in mid-September, the grand festivities of Horta date back more than 150 years. You can check out their program at: www.horta-bcn.cat or http://festamajorguinardo.blogspot.com.es

Festa Major


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