Sant Pau – Dos de Maig

The modernist hospital

Known in the past as Hospital de Sant Pau, this station is in the historic enclosure of this hospital. The hospital’s outbuildings were scattered in one monumental architectonic ensemble which began to be built in 1902 on the grounds of the old farmhouse of Lligalbé. The project was commissioned to the architect Lluis Domènech i Montaner and, after his death in 1923, his son Pere Domènech i Roure, who had worked alongside his father took over as project director.

The second term, Dos de Maig, refers to the second of May uprising of 1808, a popular uprising against the Napoleonic troops that burst out onto the streets of Madrid and which later extended throughout the entire country, eventually triggering the War of Independence.

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The neighbours recommend
SantPau Bodega-mediterraneaLA BODEGA MEDITERRÁNEA
carrer de Lepant, 344
Tel. 934 365 021
Tapas, wines and cavas in a tiny but quite selective tavern.

avinguda de Gaudí, 70
Tel. 934 502 617
One of the best Korean restaurants in Barcelona. A perfect opportunity to try bibimpa rice with ground beef, vegetables and fried eggs served in a warm marble bowl.


SantPau AestelaGalegaRestaurante A ESTELA GALEGA
carrer de Rosalia de Castro, 26-28
Tel. 934 355 080
Galician restaurant ideal to try first-rate shell fish at very reasonable prices.

Places of Interest

This hospital is so beautiful that one loses the notion of time whilst admiring its architecture, tiles and sculptures. If you are interested, you can book guided tours by dialling 933 177 652. At the enclosure’s entrance there is an information booth where one can obtain information on this and all other modernist buildings in the city. Check it out!

Hospital StPau

casa AsiaCASA ÀSIA
Pabellón de Sant Manuel, Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau. carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
Tel. 933 680 836
A very particular center that promotes and carries out activities to better understand the culture of Asia and the Pacific. There are talks, movies, exhibitions, stories, art fairs … and all framed by the wonderful surroundings of the modernist complex of the Hospital de Sant Pau.

carrer del Rosselló, 515
Tel. 932 909 200
In 1876 August K. Damm founded the Damm Beer Brewery in Barcelona. Years later, he had the Bohème factory built now a centennial building which forms part of the architectonical heritage of the Sagrada Familia. Nowadays it is used as a museum, with an exhibit that covers the Brand’s 130 years: carriages, photographs, posters, boilers… And you might even sample their beers— and for free! If you want to visit the exhibit, you can make a reservation on their website OR PHONE: 902 300 125.

centre civic sagradafamilia

carrer de Provença, 480
Tel. 934 508 917
Este nuevo centro cívico tiene una biblioteca muy completa y está orientado a un público de todas las edades. Consultar su página web.

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