Virrei Amat

The viceroy of Peru

The character who gives a name to this station is Manuel D’Amat i de Junyent, also known as Viceroy Amat. Of noble lineage, Amat first embarked upon a military career, participating in both the Italian and African campaigns, and afterwards took on an important political career in America. After having lived in Barcelona for a while, he was named governor and President of Chile’s High Court.

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The neighbours recommend
VirreiAmat RibeiroRestaurante RIBEIRO
carrer de l’Estudiant, 42
Tel. 933 503 041
This delicious Galician cuisine restaurant is near three different metro stations from three different metro lines.

VirreiAmat TaboasRestaurante TABOAS
carrer de Felip II, 244
Tel. 933 409 170
High standing fresh-market cuisine in a very family oriented restaurant.


VirreiAmat LaCotxeraBar LA COTXERA
carrer de Costa i Cuxart, 31
Tel. 933 522 502
This spacious coffee-bar organizes painting exhibits, live music, monologues, magician performances, etc. They also have more than 50 game boards to spend the evening playing and having a drink with friends.

Places of interest

centrecivic CanBaste

passeig de Fabra i Puig, 274
Tel. 934 206 651
This dynamic civic centre organizes courses, lectures, exhibitions and movie screenings. It also offers free internet access. You can check out their program at their website.

Passatge Esperana

Passatge de l’Esperança
This passage is one the most peculiar corners of this district. It includes sixteen buildings with art deco hints that were promoted and built by co-ops and labor associations in the 1920s.


At the plaça del Virrei Amat, recently renovated, you will find a friendly environment, particularly on weekends. But if what you want is to go shopping, take the passeig de Fabra i Puig, where you will come across plenty of stores and the market of la Mare de Déu de la Mercè.

VirreiAmat MercatMerce

passeig Fabra i Puig 270-272
Tel. 934 294 192
The Mercè market was born in 1961, to provide with provisions the large number of people after the increase of immigrants in the area.


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