Can Peixauet

A farmhouse of the 12th century

This station is located in the boulevard with the same name, which comes from the real estate of Can Peixauet (the pronunciation is “pexuet”). Thi building, which is known as Mas Villalonga, has very old foundations since its origins date back to the 12th century. Until the 16th century, it was called Mas Castellars and in the 17th and 19th centuries it was renovated becoming the current building that everybody knows now. The name comes from one of its last owners, Antón del Sol, who purchased the house around the year 1815. Indeed he was better known as Pexauet, from which derives the catalan name Peixauet.

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The neighbours recommend
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Plaça de les Cultures, 4
Santa Coloma de Gramenet
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A simple place in front of the library where they offer menus of the day, set main courses, toasts and they have nice tables outside in summertime.
Restaurant DopazoTerrace del PELOTARI CLUB Santa Coloma
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Santa Coloma de Gramenet
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A bar with tables outside, where they managed the matches of the Basque pelota play. If you want to play, you must become a member but you can also enjoy a nice breakfast or an homemade dish in the tables in front of the court.
Places of Interest
centre civic sant andreu

Plaça de Pau Casals, s/n
Tel. 933 85 71 42
It is a good example of the summer houses that the families of Barcelona’s middle class used to have in this area. The oldest part of the house dates back to the 10th century, even though the building dates back mostly to the 18th century. Today is the venue for the Museo Municipal, in which there are several collections, among which the archaeological remains from the Poblado ibérico of Puig Castellar stand out. It was founded around the 6th century B.C and it is included in the Ruta de los Íbericos, organized by the Museo de Arqueología de Cataluña.

Parc Pegaso

Santa Coloma de Gramenet
Bridges were a very important architectural element for the towns of the other side of the river Besós, because of the isolation of this area from the city of Barcelona. In 1913 the old bridge was built, sunken by a flood in 1943. Later the bridge of Can Zam and of Molinet were built, the latter was inaugurated in 1992.

Av. de la Generalitat, 98
Tel. 934 66 52 70
Beyond the service that is usually offered by the public libraries, this library has archives specialized in documents in chinese, with more than 3.800 documents, among which one is of fantasy and science fiction.