Església Major

The offering of Mn. Jaume Gordi

The station takes the name from the main church of Santa Coloma. It is located in the square of Pius XII, this building was built between the years 1912 and 1915 by the architects Miquel Pascual i Tintoré and Francesc de Asís Berenguer I Mestre, close collaborator of Antoni Gaudí. Its big windows have a neo-gothic style with a clear influence of the catalan modernism and they depict the most authentic symbols of Santa Coloma: the saint Coloma, with her legendary symbols, the she-bear of fire and the rain, the pigeon and the Bible; Torre Pallaresa, Torre Balldovina, el Puig Castellar, the church Vieja and the typical products of the local farmers. A bas-relief also stands out in the door that represents the Mn. Jaume Gordi making an offering, he is the same father who took the initiative to build the church and who made the donation in order to realize it.

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The neighbours recommend
Restaurant DopazoRestaurant LA TARANTELLA
Sant Jeroni, 75
Santa Coloma de Gramenet
Tel. 93 468 05 41
A restaurant of design that offers italian cuisine and with an extensive menu. A delicious dish are noodles with lobster accompanied by a good italian wine… do not forget to order one of their desserts!
Restaurant DopazoRestaurant LLUERNA
Av. Pallaresa, 104
Santa Coloma de Gramenet
Tel. 933 91 08 20
Restaurant with a minimalist environment, specialized in signature cuisine. They use seasonal and environment-friendly fresh products. They have a private room for eight or ten people within the wine cellar.
Restaurant DopazoLA REBOTIGA
Calle Vistalegre, 27
Santa Coloma de Gramenet
A new “slow place”, as they name it, where to find environment-friendly products, imported beers and a lot more… everything with great pleasure! They have an area where to read or taste the products and the owners are very nice.
Places of Interest
centre civic sant andreu

Santa Coloma Gramenet
It is located outside the city, in the middle of the Carcerenya valley, in the coastal mountanin chain. You can arrive there from a route that goes up from Monestir street. The current building is the result of the renovation made in the 16th century on an old building, probably of the 14th century. The building has a gothic floor and two lateral towers of different heights. In 1543 the imperator Carles I conferred to it the title of castle.

sat fabraipuigCENTRAL LIBRARY
Jardí Can Sistere, s/.n.
Tel. 934 66 15 51
It is located in the old lands of the disappeared real estate of Can Pascali and it also has a multipurpose centre, a gardened area and a cultural and artistic centre. It is a work of the architects’ team Artigues and Sanabria (1992-1997), the library is located a few metres away from the municipality. It is 2000 m2 big and it hosts archives of 70.000 volumes. The most significant element is with no doubt, its curvy façade half-elliptical. A unique space to enjoy the reading and other cultural activities.