Onze de Setembre

The fall of Barcelona

This date is known by catalans with the name Fiesta and it commemorates an epic defeat of the year 1714: the fall of Barcelona caused by the Bourbon troops during the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1715). That is how Felip V, the first king of the royal house of Bourbon, came to the throne. Consequently, in 1916 the catalan institutions were abolished after the promulgation of the decree of Nueva Planta and they lost lots of their rights to preserve their identity.

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The neighbours recommend
Restaurant DopazoRestaurant DOPAZO
carrer de Borriana, 90
Tel. 933 119 054
It is a typical place in the heart of Sant Andreu. They offer a great variety of meat, birds’ meat and also of fish and seafood, that are kept in a fantastic aquarium of 5000 litres of sea water.

Rambla de Fabra i Puig, 30
Tel. 930 100 639
A shop with a great variety of tea, where they also organize activities, conferences and a lot more…

casa AmetllerCASA AMETLLER
passeig de Fabra i Puig, 39-41
Tel. 673 030 805
As a result of the efforts by seven generations, this is a chain of supermarkets where they take care over about the fresh products they offer.

Places of Interest
centre civic sant andreu

carrer Gran de Sant Andreu, 111
Tel. 933 119 953
In the past, this building which is currently a civic centre, was the venue for the old carport of Sant Andreu and the repair shop of Tren de Foc, the steam tram that linked the Sant Andreu station with that one of Barcelona. The birth of trolley buses turned the carport of Sant Adreu into a transmitter, that lasted almost until 1960. Today in this centre many conferences and activities are organized for young as well as for adults.

Parc Pegaso

carrer de la Sagrera, 179-197
It has this name because it is located where before there was a well-known factory of lorries. Today it is a very nice park with a great variety of trees and a winding water canal with small bridges to go from one place to another. You will find also courts of pétanque, one of volleyball and another one of football.

carrer dela Sagrera

This street was the original and main centre of the Sagrera district and has a thousand-year-old history. Its route corresponds to an alternative road of the roman Vía Augusta, known in the past as Camí del Mig. Over the years, in this street there were located important industries of different kind, such as the industry of soap, flour, chemistry and cars.

sat fabraipuigSANT ANDREU TEATRE, saT!
Carrer de Neopàtria, 54
Tel. 933 457 930
This theatre is managed by the municipality of Barcelona. In this space you can enjoy theatre shows without paying up. Also puppet and dance shows are organized and a lot more…
Veure tots

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