Among girdles and corsets

Emili Singuerlín i Ros was born in Barcelona in 1881 of Alsatian father and Catalan mother and he was a famous corset-maker of the city. Around 1920, due to a bronchitis that affected his health, he decided to buy some lands in this area for their dry and healthy weather. They were mainly lands of fields, pine groves and vineyards and he set up a beautiful tower and a girdles’ factory, very fashionable in that age. Emili Singuerlín was two times councilman of the city council and he was very esteemed by the residents of the area, and probably that’s why today a whole district has his name.

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When you go out from the metro station of Singuerlí, walking to avenida de Catalunya and avenida de la Primavera until the end of calle Garcilaso de la Vega, you will see a parking from which a road starts, from its left side. This road will lead you to another one that links up to a gravel’s road, on the top of Santa Coloma. Continue along this road in the opposite direction of Barcelona and you will see a line of cypresses that will lead you to an hermitage of 17th century, the hermitage of Sant Climent. Once you have enjoyed the views of the north of Barcelona, come back until you would find a fork and the road would lead you to an hill. Going up to this road you will find El Puig Castellar (303 m). On the top of the hill, you wiil see the Poblado Ibérico, a town of the Iron age occupied from the 6th century until the beginning of the 2nd century B.C. You will see a well-preserved town with streets and houses easy to recognize. Some buildings have been rebuilt and there are many plaques that explain it.

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