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Barcelona metro a metro isa guidebook (*gook) never published previously in any form, that proposes a new way to get to know the city of Barcelona.

The metro network of Barcelona will be the common thread to let the inhabitants as well as the casual tourists know a bigger city, far from the crowded historic and tourist city centre that is described in all the other guides. The aim is to get closer to a suburbs’ tourism that includes all the metropolitan area and get us closer to the popular culture of our country. As if we follow a route along the city’s arteries, the metro tunnels will conduct us from its bowels to an outside world full of life.

* A new version of the book has currently been published by the Municipality of Barcelona. You can find it in the municipal bookstores of the city, of the Diputaciò and in other bookshops.


Barcelona metro a metro is a guidebook (*»gook») that was born to satisfy and stimulate the interest for the culture and the history of the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

When we travel by metro, millions of people with us go from one corner to the other of the city. We remember the name of the stations we are more familiar with without knowing the origin of the people or place’s names, or other names that christen every station… who was Joanic or Mr. Just Oliveras? What is the meaning of “Sagrera” or “Poble Sec”? Why do they have these names and what do they mean?

It’s curious that a lot of metro stations have the name of farms or lands that don’t exist anymore, or of historical events, of which we know only the name since they are part of some metro lines we use.

The guide Barcelona metro a metro is the answer to the curiosity of the history and the stories that gave and still give birth to this cosmopolitan capital. It also gives us the opportunity to get to know every unknown and new corner of the city.

Barcelona metro a metro, a guidebook, to live!


* («gook» is a word that we have invent)

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