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Fabra i Puig

Mayor of Barcelona, Marquis of Alella

Born in Barcelona in 1866, Ferran Fabra i Puig was the second marquis d’Alella. He was an industrial engineer and a politician, and was affiliated to the Liberal Party just like his father, Camil Fabra i Fontanills, who had made an important donation for the installation of the Fabra Astronomic Observatory, situated close to the Tibidabo.< /br> Ferran Fabra i Puig devotedd himself ardently to politics and was elected congressman and senator until 1922, when he was elected Mayor of Barcelona, position which he abandoned following Primo de Rivera’s coup d’état.


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The neighbours recommend

allioliandrs fabraipuig

carrer de Borriana, 69
Phone 933 465 505
Grilled meat and vegetables and T-bone steaks. Delicious roasted snails (a la llauna) a la Lleida. Closed on Monday.



all-i-oli fabraipuigRestaurant ALL-I-OLI
carrer d’Alella, 3
Phone 934 083 542
It seems to be in cave when you eat in this restaurant, which offers dishes of Catalan cuisine and prepared with fresh products.

Places of Interest

sat  fabraipuigSANT ANDREU THEATER, saT!
carrer de Neopàtria, 54
Phone 933 457 930
Theater managed by the Ajuntament de Barcelona. In this space you can enjoy the theater without having to scratch your pockets a lot. There are also puppet shows, dance …

esglsia sant paci fabraipuigSANT PACIÀ CHURCH
carrer de les Monges, 27
Church built between 1876 and 1881, famous for including a mosaic designed by Antoni Gaudí.




Canodrom-BarcelonaCANÒDROM Parc de Recerca Creativa
Carrer de Concepció Arenal, 165
Phone 932 200 093
A space of innovation and entrepreneurship for creative and cultural industries. Co-working, workshops and a terrace of 1000m2.

carrer de Rosselló i Porcel, 7-11
Phone 932 760 480
A sports complex surrounded by a park of almost twelve hectares, designed by Enric Pericas, which includes the largest outdoor pool in the city. The name Can Dragó comes from the War of Succession (1714), when a company of the Bourbon troops, called the dragons, settled in the farmhouse that at that time ruled the area.


centrecivicsantandreu fabraipuigCENTRE CÍVIC DE SANT ANDREU
carrer Gran de Sant Andreu, 111
Phone 933 119 953
In this civic centre, situated in the old carriage entranceway of Sant Andreu, many activities take place, both for the young as well as the old. Consult the schedule of courses, workshops and seminars on their web site.

estacioautobusos fabraipuigFABRA I PUIG BUS STATION
avinguda Meridiana, 393
Phone 932 320 459 – 933 452 800
Located next to the station of Renfe Sant Andreu Arenal, from here buses of regional scope (Mollet, Parets …).



The festival of Sant Andreu usually takes place on the last week of November, coinciding with the end-of-season neighbourhood festivities. If you are thinking of coming around,.
make sure you consult the program at:



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