la generosa marina petit


The Mediterranean Adventure

The name of this station commemorates the glories of both the Catalan merchant and military marine. The former, for the role it played at opening commercial routes towards Castile, Italy, North Africa and the entire Levantine area. The latter, for the important campaigns that it undertook since the reign of Jaume the First, of which we should mention the conquests of Mallorca, Valencia and the Sicilian War; the expedition to the Byzantine Empire and, later on, the Conquest of Naples.


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The neighbors recommend

la generosa marina petit

Restaurant LA GENEROSA
carrer de Casp, 151
Phone 932 469 988
Very near the Auditor and the TNC. They serve fusion fresh-market food. Welcoming and a good price during lunch.

santa marinaRestaurant SANTA
avinguda Meridiana, 2
Phone 933 097 078
A very original menu in this little spot located in front of the parc de la Ciutadella.

Places of interest

auditori marinaL’AUDITORI
carrer de Lepant, 150
Phone 932 479 300
l’Auditori is halfway between this station and the previous. The building was designed by the architect José Rafael Moneo Vallés and was inaugurated in 1999. As well as the three audition halls, the building also houses the Museu de la Musica (5), which has a magnificent archive, and where cycles and workshops are regularly programmed for people of all ages. It closes on Tuesdays. If you are fond of music, you will no doubt be interested in the free concerts of l’Acadèmia, where you will enjoy the melodies of the pupils of the ESCMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya).

museu carrosses funebresFUNERAL CARRIAGES MUSEUM
(Servicios funerarios de Barcelona)
carrer de sancho de Ávila, 2
Phone 902 076 902
Inside the Barcelona funerary services you will find this museum, entirely devoted to this subject matter: one can see imperial funeral hearses, Gothic, French… Entrance is free.

parcestacionord marinaPARC DE L’ESTACIÓ DEL NORD
I am walking towards the parc de l’Estació del Nord (1) and decide to sit on the grass: by moments I look at the sculptures by Beberly Pepper and inspired by Gaudí, Núvol caigut (Fallen Cloud) and Espiral arbrat (Forested Spiral), and at other moments I am distracted looking at the sky.


fort pienc marinaCENTRE CÍVIC FORT PIENC
carrer de Ribes, 14
Phone 932 327 827
At this civic centre courses are taught for people of all ages. They also organize exhibitions.

centrecivic parc sandaru marinaCENTRE CÍVIC PARC SANDARU
carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz, 21
Phone 933 090 635
Concerts, theatre, movies and other activities.


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