mon dela cervesa navas


The Battle for l’Al-Andalus

The name of this station reminds us of the important battle that took place on July 16, 1212 on the plateau of Navas de Tolosa, Jaen. In this battle, a coalition formed by Alphonse the Eigth of Castille, Pere the Second of Catalunya-Aragó, Sanς V the Sixth of Navarre and Alfons the Second of Portugal faced off the fourth Almohad Khalifa Muhamed al-Nasir.The victory allowed the Christian army to reach the heart of Al-Andalus and thus the Reconquista began.


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The neighbors recommend

mon dela cervesa navasEL MÓN DE LA CERVESA
plaça de Ferran Reyes, 9
Phone 934 085 388
Imported beers at reasonable prices and friendly treatment. From Thursdays onward you can taste their German sausages and wide assortment of tapas.


Places of interest

font del sortidor navasDEL SORTIDOR FOUNTAIN
plaça d’Islàndia / carrer dels Bofarull, 55
Phone 933 065 700
This fountain has an intermittent spring imitating a northern geyser. The water jets follow irregular frequencies and reach different heights. You can watch the show from 11 to 2pm and from 4 to 9pm.
In the old days, below Bofarull Street, ran Barcelona’s old irrigation system, providing water to a large portion of the city.

pont calatrava navasCALATRAVA BRIDGE
carrer de Felip II, esquina Bac de Roda.
Valencia architect Santiago Calatrava won the FAD award for the design of this white bridge in 1987. Measuring 128 meters in length, this bridge was built with concrete and stainless steel and it’s said to resemble the human body. Also known as the bridge of Bac de Roda, it became an icon of the Summer Olympic Games of 1992 and is now a reference of the neighborhood.

This housing estate is in the northern part of the Navas’ district, among the streets of Sant Antoni Maria Claret, Concepció Arenal and Olesa. It is made up of six blocks of 1944, which are based on the model of English cities: 406 houses not very high, surrounded by common landscaped areas.


carrer de Biscaia, 402
Phone 933 405 185
In this website you can get information on the different workshops and courses they organize. You can also find information on the neighborhood:


carrer Navas de Tolosa, 312
Phone 933 493 522
This community centre has twelve halls for every kind of activity, such as: computing, cookery, wealth, personal growth, creativity and expression, child workshops…




The festivities in this neighborhood take place in mid May. They celebrate them with parades*, concerts and other activities. *These parades are usually made up of groups of musicians that play along in the streets as a prelude to the festa major of cities or neighborhoods.
Check the festivities program and the web site.
More info: or on the phone 0034.933.405.185

festamajor navas

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