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Plaça del Centre

And in the centre… a square

The land of the present square belonged to Count Bell-lloc. In 1873, the Sants’ municipality approved a project for the urbanization of this land and since the square stood right in the middle of the whole, it was christened Plaça del Centre (Central square).
This square is located between the Vallespir and the Comtes de Bell-lloc streets, and an imaginary line runs divides it into two-halves: the side with the even numbers belongs to the Sants-Montjuic district, while the side with the odd numbers, to the Corts district, leaving the square just in the middle of both districts. In the past, a roundabout very well-known by the people of Barcelona stood in the square of this metro station.
The Plaça del Centre station was inaugurated in 1975.


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The neighbors recommend

lagunak PlacaCentreRestaurant LAGUNAK
carrer de Berlín, 19-21
Phone 934 909 565
Basque cuisine with quality recipes and a great variety of savoury tapas.


Addis-abeba-restaurant-barcelona-300x199Restaurant ETÍOP ADDIS-ABEBA
carrer de Vallespir, 44
Phone 934 094 037
Ethiopian music, colour, smells and tastes in this original restaurant in the heart of Sants district.

la mundanaRestaurant LA MUNDANA
carrer del Vallespir, 93
Phone 934 088 023
Vermouth wine and original tapas that cannot fail to move you, very close to the station!


rincondelNorte placaCentreRestaurant RINCÓN DEL NORTE
carrer de Joan Güell, 107
Phone 933 391 026
This restaurant offers dishes of quality, typical of Basque and Navarra regions and prepared with fresh and seasonal products. Another example of the variety of Barcelona’s gastronomical offer.


canManel PlacaCentreRestaurant CAN MANEL
carrer de Galileu, 85
Phone 934 090 059
Family-run restaurant of Catalan food with a very friendly environment. They have excellent artichokes, a delicious piglet and seasonal calçots!

Shi-man-to PlacaCentreRestaurant SHI MAN TO
carrer de Galileu, 162
Phone 934 906 646
Japanese restaurant with nice service. The fideos they prepared are known as the best of Barcelona and we suggest you to try the Yakisoba, which are fried fideos with a special sauce quite sweet.

Places of Interest

Very close to the station and heading towards Les Corts square, there is the Passatge de Tubella, a group of houses dating back to 1925 that is a good example of the type of dwellings in which the workmen of the area settled into.

Jardins Can Mantega

carrer Joan Güell, 53
It has the name of an old farm that was in this area. Inside there is the sculpture of Font del Ninyo, of Vallmitjana factory.


plaça Comas, 18
This building is the present seat of the district. It was designed by Antoni Rovira i Rabassa and it was inaugurated in 1884. In the façade it is still possible to see the original shield of Les corts, when it was a municipality. The area around Les Corts street is well-known as Corts Velles.


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