casapepe santacoloma

Santa Coloma

The Young Martyr

The toponym of Santa Coloma dates back to ancient Rome, in the form of Columba, meaning “dove”. The patron saint of this locality, Santa Coloma, pays tribute to Santa Columba de Sens, a girl from the French Pyrenees who was martyred and condemned to die at the stake by the Emperor Aurelian. Meanwhile, the term Gramenet derives from the Latin word graminetu, meaning “field of gramineae”, whereas gramineae is an herb found in pine and oak forests, and which was plentiful in this area.


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The neighbors recommend

casapepe santacolomaBar-Restaurant CASA PEPE
carrer de sant Carles, 36
Santa Coloma de Gramenet
Phone 933 861 064
Popular bar-restaurant where many celebrities went to. 

restaurant cinc santacolomaRESTAURANT: CINC
carreró de la Plaça, 5
Santa Coloma Gramenet
Phone 934 666 473
Original dishes of the mediterranean cuisine. Menu of the day.

canarmengol santa colomaRESTAURANT CA N’ARMENGOL
carrer Prat de la Riba, 4
Santa Coloma Gramenet
Phone 933 916 855
Creative and catalan cuisine, with fresh products. There is also banqueting hall and the menu of the day.


carrer President Lluís Companys, 3
Phone 933 851 054
Grill food restaurant in the heart of Santa Coloma.

Places of interest

canroigtorres auditori santacolomaCAN ROIG I TORRES (Auditorio)
carrer de Rafael de Casanova, 5
Santa Coloma de Gramanet
Phone 933 912 451
The building, which combines Noucentisme and Modernist elements, was built at the beginning of the last century. Presently, Can Roig i Torres is the seat of the Municipal School of Music and also has an auditorium, inaugurated in April of 2007, where entertaining and free concerts are held. So if you wish assist it’s a wise to make prior reservations. Concerts and plays are also often staged on the courtyard.

mas fonollar santacolomaMAS FONOLLAR
carrer de Sant Jeroni, 1-3
Santa Coloma de Gramenet
Phone 933 855 501
This country estate, dating back to the fourteen century but refurbished in the eighteenth century is one of the oldest buildings in the city. Nowadays it is a municipal facility devoted to promoting juvenile culture.

parc deuropa santacolomaPARC D’EUROPA
carrer del Doctor Ferran
Santa Coloma de Gramenet
A park, designed by the architect Coque Bianco, with more than 50.000 square meters of landscaped grounds including leisure facilities. During the summer it is the venue for a number of concerts and each September it receives the grand Fira Expocoloma, an exhibit that attempts to promote the city’s economic activity.

Museu Torre ValldovinaMUSEU TORRE BALLDOVINA (Can Peixauet)
plaça de Pau Casals, s/nº
Santa Coloma de Gramenet
Phone 933 857 142
The oldest section of the house dates back to the tenth century, however, the building is essentially from the eighteenth century. Nowadays it is the headquarters of the Museu Municipal, which houses various collections, including the archeological remains coming from the Poblat Ibèric de Puig Castellar, founded around the sixth century BC and which can be visited in relation to the Ruta dels Ibers organized by the Archeological Museum of Barcelona.


bib central santacolomaCENTRAL LIBRARY
carrer de Jardí de Can Cisteré, s/nº
Santa Coloma Gramenet
phone 934 661 551
Located at the premises of the old country estate of Can Pascali, it also boasts a sports center, a gardened area and a cultural and arts center. It’s very close to the Municipality.



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