The Montmatre of Barcelona

This street was officialy inaugurated the 8th October 1894 and it was baptized with the name of Parallel because it coincide with the North Parallel 41°22’ 34”. Cerdà chose this name, but later spread the legend that the catalan astronomer Josep Comas Solà gave the name, he was the executive director of Tibidabo’s Fabra observatory.


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The neighbors recommend…

restaurante-elche-paralelRestaurant ELCHE
carrer de Vilà i Vilà, 71
Phone 934 413 089
An authentic delight for rice lovers. Open since 1959 this restaurant has lots of clientele from the show business.

bar-seco-paralelBAR SECO
passeig de Montjuïc, 74
Phone 933 296 374
Salads, vegetarian homemade cooking, and delicious sandwiches made with all natural products. 

calisidre2 paralelCA L’ISIDRE
carrer de les Flors, 12
Phone 934 411 139
Mediterranean cuisine with fresh ingredients brought daily from the market of la Boqueria.

quimet paralelQUIMET I QUIMET
carrer del poeta Cabanyes, 25
Phone 934 423 142
Very popular spot with fantastic tapas and good wine. I recommend trying “las bicicletas”! Closed Sundays, Saturday nights and all August.

Places of interest

telefericmontjuic paralel

The cable car joins the funicular with the Montjuïc castle, which sits on top of the Montjuïc mountain and clusters a large green zone of the city. The new cabins of the cable car have a capacity for eight passengers and offer an eye bird view of the city. You can check the schedules at the TMB web

refugi antiaeri paralelREFUGI ANTIAERI 307
carrer Nou de la Rambla, 169
Phone 932 562 100
This underground refuge was used during the Spanish Civil War and had water, electricity, an infirmary, a chimney, etc. With more than 200 square meters was one of the biggest of Poble-sec. You can visit individually or in groups. The visit includes a video projection.

sant pau del camp paralelMONESTIR DE SANT PAU DEL CAMP
carrer de Sant Pau, 101
Phone 934 410 001
This Benedict monastery dates back to the ninth century, although it might have been constructed even earlier. This jewel of the Romanic was declared national monument in 1879 and continues to be in use today after several restorations. For a modest fee you can also visit the cloister.
If you are interested in the Catalan monasteries, in addition to this, you will find many others in:

bibliofrancescboix paralelFRANCESC BOIX LIBRARY
carrer Blai, 34
Phone 934 430 105 
A very dynamic library where you can find also writing program, conference and much mo…


teatre victoria paralelVICTÒRIA THEATER
avinguda Paral·lel, 67-69
Phone 933 299 189
Comedies, monologues, musicals and theater for children… Look at the billboard. Now available also the Wifi connection for the customers.

teatro apolo paralelAPOLO THEATER
avinguda Paral·lel, 59
Phone 934 419 007
This theater has a capacity of up to 1001 persons, you can see every kind of spanish opera.


teatrocondal paralelCONDAL THEATER
avinguda Paral·lel, 91
Tel. 934 419 007
As you may have noticed, this street has a lot of professional and amateur theaters… you have the possibility to choose

carrer Vilà i Vilà, 99
Phone 933 967 191 / 932 055 111
Emblematic place of 1898, it was the location of the best floor and cabaret shows. After it was closed for several years, now it’s back to set up dance and burlesque shows, with a pich of risqué.


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