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Sagrada Familia

The eternal temple

With the Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí was not content with simply building a grand temple, but rather his project consisted in singing the praises of the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity captured in one single monument, with which he pretended for the city to expiate all of its sins: The Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Family. Apart from the architect’s intentions, there was a man of profound and intense religious convictions.


Curiosity… at the end of the works, Sagrada Familia will have twelve towers devoted to the twelve Apostles, plus four for the evangelists, one devoted to Virgin Mary and a big central tower of 170mt devoted to Jesus Christ. This one will have a cross of 15mt, with mosaics that let it shine during the day and it will also glow during the night, so it would be possible to see it from every part of the city. It looks like that the works will end in 2022. You can find more information in: Once a year, in june, there is a day of open house visits.

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The neighbors recommend

caldeni sagradafamiliaRestaurant CAL DENI
carrer de València, 452
Phone 932 325 811
Small locale to enjoy signature cuisine specialized in exclusive meats, such as Kobe beef, Angus beef and veal.

alkimia sagradafamiliaRestaurant ALKIMIA
carrer de la Indústria, 79
Phone 932 076 115
Innovative cuisine for very sophisticated palates. Season’s menu created to discover a world of flavors, colors and combinations.

hispano suiza sagrada familiaRestaurant LA CÚPULA HISPANO-SUIZA
carrer de Sicilia, 255
Phone 932 082 061
Mediterranean cuisine in a peculiar setting, since the decoration consists of classic vehicles kept in perfect shape. For dinner there are performances of a live piano.


la taqueriaRestaurant LA TAQUERÍA
passatge de Font, 5
Phone 931 261 359
Colorist restaurant where the owners prepare simple and traditional mexican recipes, very tasty.

tipiciCatalaokTÍPIC I CATALÀ
carrer de Sicilia, 290
Phone 930 078 650
Gourmet shop of tipical catalan food: wine, cold cuts, cheese and sauces. A different catalan memory different from the tipical turist souvenirs.

MichaelCollins SagradaFamiliaTHE MICHAEL COLLINS IRISH BAR
plaça Sagrada Família, 4
Phone 934 591 964
Well-known bar for his dark beer, live concerts and international football matches on his big screen.

GambadelaCostaRestaurant GAMBA DE LA COSTA
carrer de Córsega, 479
Phone 934 577 793
You don’t need to go to the Barcelona harbour to eat fresh fish. Here, until few years ago where tapas of fried fish were served, now they serve mediterrean cuisine specialized in fish and sea-food.

Places of interest

temple sagrada familia

carrer de Mallorca, 401
As explained in the history of the station, this magic temple, by Antonio Gaudì, is the jewel of Barcelona and one of the best attraction in the world.




centre civic sagradafamilia

carrer de Provença, 480
Phone 934 508 917
This new civic center has a comprehensive library open to the public. On their website you can find their wide-ranging agenda of cultural activities and workshops.



avinguda-gaudiAVINGUDA GAUDÍ
This street has a particular charm. First of all because, on one side, ther is Sagrada Familia; and on the other side the architectural wonderland of the Hospital de Sant Pau. Walking on this street you can feel a neighborhood atmosphere, you can also sit at the table outside.

SFamilia Teatre GaudiGAUDÍ THEATER
carrer Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 120
Phone 936 035 152
A new space for an old project to promote the culture: a good theatre, music and novels… for a good price! Visit the website to see the billboard and its promotions.


aula-ambiental sagradafamiliaAULA AMBIENTAL DE LA SAGRADA FAMÍLIA
carrer de Lepant, 281-283
Phone 934 350 547
At this green zone there are plenty of workshops and lectures on environmental education.



This neighborhood celebrates its grand festivities in April, coinciding usually with Sant Jordi (Saint George) on the 23 of that month.
The holiday is managed by the neighbors association and the Coordinadora d’Entitats del Barri de la Sagrada Família. For more information go on:

sagrada familia festamajor


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