parks in Barcelona


Our land Catalunya is the name of the nation established towards the end of tenth


An enclosed valley Vallcarca is the contraction of the toponym Vall Càrcara, which means “enclosed


The arrival of the new village In the old days this neighbourhood was a swampy


A nostalgic hostel Carrer Creu Coberta 22, the address of the old cinema Arenas and


The Modernist avenue The big avenue that gives name to this station is called in


From the Vall daura to Santes Creus The first known documentation that exists concerning this

Selva de Mar

A village of Catalonia This station takes one to a street that, like many others


The Navy Shipyards Las Drassanes are shipyards of civil Gothic style, they were built between


The Gràcia fountain The name of the Fontana has its origins in an old property

Alfons X

The Wise Alfonso X The Wise, son of Fernando the Third and Beatriz of Suabia,


The clergyman of the Catalan Renaissance Jacint Verdaguer i Santaló was born in Folgueroles in

Les Corts

The courts of the rural areas Corts of Sarrià is the original name of this


Little Barcelona Barceloneta is a diminutive of Barcelona, coined no doubt, by those living nearby

Via Júlia

That Roman colony At first this station was called Roquetes, but in 1999 it was