lallave tetuan


The white dove

At this station the train reaches all the way to the Plaça Tetuan. On the first days of February 1860, and within the context of the African War, the battle for Tetuan took place in which the Moroccan forces fought against the Spanish army, which at the time were led by General Leopoldo O’Donnell, who was able to take the city with the help of Joam Prim, who commanded the Catalan volunteers. With this victory, O’Donnell consolidated his prestige for which he was granted the duchy of Tetuan. When the Treaty of Wad-Ras was signed with the sultan of Morocco, Spain received the transfer agreement of Tetuan, which became the capital of the Spanish protectorate in Marocco until independence in 1956.< br/> Its name derives from the Berber word Tittawen, meaning “eyes”, although it is also known as “The White Dove”.


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The neighbors recommend…

lallave tetuanRestaurant LA LLAVE
carrer del Consell de Cent, 388
Phone 932 657 841
With more than 30 years doing business this restaurant offers exquisite dishes such as bull’s tail and a honey homemade ice cream. Open from Monday to Friday until 5pm.

restaurant portoles tetuanRestaurant  PORTOLES
carrer de la Diputació, 375
Phone 932 453 110
Give-up your glasses and share a “porrón” with your friends. The menu is written in a large mirror in the middle of the dining room, and dishes are wiped away as they run out of them. It’s quite economical, but they don’t do reservations.

restaurant alfonsina tetuanRestaurant ALFONSINA
carrer de la Diputació, 379
Phone 932 469 168
Argentine menu with traditional “parrilladas” (grilled meats) all in a friendly environment.

tata broches tetuanHandmade shop TATÀ – Bosques de Broches
carrer del Consell de Cent, 408
If you have an idea, this studio-workshop will give it shape with felt, all handcrafted.

Bodega LAvi ManelBodega L’AVI MANEL
carrer Consell de cent, 416
Phone 932 453 393
Small shop borned in 1960, that offers the tipical tapas but also other food proposal to match with vermut, wine or cava (tipical catalan wine)

el furacuRestaurant EL FURACU
carrer de Girona, 52
Phone 932 561 783
Recommanded Austrian restaurant : you can find natural sidro and the best and tipical plates of the principality of Austria.


Places of interest

skating club tetuanSKÀTING CLUB – Pista de Gel
carrer de Roger de Flor, 168
Phone 932 452 800
This is Barcelona’s most popular ice skating ring. It’s open to the public but organizes group visits, school visits, and offers lessons to learn to skate.

plaatetuan doctor robert

plaça Tetuan, s/nº
Looking from the outside in it might come across as empty, but if one pays close attention, you can notice a central monument by Josep Llimona, dedicated to Doctor Bartomeu Robert, one of the most cherished mayors the city of Barcelona has ever had.

sala Atrium

carrer del Consell de Cent, 435
Phone 932 136 926
The atrium was the meeting point in the ancient roman houses. In this case, this little theater offers a close and special atmosphere with the public.



bibliotecaarus arctriomfARÚS LIBRARY
passeig de Sant Joan, 26, pral.
Phone 932 322 404
Library specialized in history of culture of XIX and XX century. With important collections of the lobour movement, anarchy and freemasonry.


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