TrinitatNova elMirador

Trinitat Nova

That Extinct Convent

The name of this station, just as in the case of Trinitat Vella, originates in an old and now extinct convent which burnt down during the Spanish War of Independence and which was located where the present-day Church of Sant Jaume stands. It is the Trinitat road junction where, in about 1445, the only jurisdictional gallows was erected beyond the city walls, which added to the other four within the walls. In order to reach the old quarter to the gallows, one had to cover a great distance. For this reason, in Catalonia they still allude to the fifth gallows to describe something that is very far away.


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The neighbours recommend

TrinitatNova elMiradorTHE BARCELONA VIEWPOINT – EL CORDERO Restaurant
carrer de Riudecanyes, 5
Phone 933 533 419
This Mediterranean restaurant offers you different dishes as well as amazing views of the city. You need to get there through the way of Camí de les Quatre Estacions.

Places of Interest

Ateneu NouBarris

carrer de Portlligat, 11-15
Phone 933 539 516
This cultural center was an old factory which was taken over during the 70s and was reclaimed as a cultural and public centre for the neighborhood. A number of activities which are open to the public take place here. Noteworthy of this centre is Carpa de la Escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel, one of the country’s most important theatre and circus schools. In the Ateneu’s bar one can grab a bite to eat for a few euros.

Mercat carrerChafarinas

carrer de Chafarinas, 21
A very atypical market that is set-up every Wednesday morning in front of the municipal market and all kind of miscellanea are selt.


TrinitatNova ParcPlaFornells

carrer Nou Barris, 14
The park of Pla de Fornells has served to link different points of interest of the area, such as the observatory of Torre Baró with the “castle” at the end of the road Carretera Alta de les Roquetes.


TrinitatNova Mercat

carrer de la Pedrosa, 21
Phone 933 503 262
This market was inaugurated in 1977 and it was fully renovated in 2001. The structure, the commercial distribution and services follow the model of the modern market with the aim of satisfying the needs of a district with a high level of population.


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