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The Canellas Fountain

The first reference to the neighbourhood’s name of Canyelles was documented under the name of Canellas in the 10th century, referring to a historic fountain close to the Turó de la Segarra district. In its origins, this neighbourhood was a housing estate and was built in 1974. The first dwellers were the neighbours whose houses had been expropriated in the Guineueta Vella district. Among its last inhabitants there is a large number of immigrants, this district is located on the Collserola mountain and thanks to the ring roads built in 1991, it’s one of the neighbourhoods with the greatest future potential for development and growth in the entire area.


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The neighbours recommend

canyelles casaLoraRestaurante CASA LORA
ronda de la Guineueta Vella, 52
Phone 934 277 475
A perfect place to enjoy a great homemade meal.


Canyelles barMagiBAR MAGÍ
passeig de Valldaura, 137
Phone 932 749 498
At this popular spot you can have breakfast, eat a lunch menu, or even organize a company dinner in their private saloon… The district’s workers are devoted customers of this bar.

Places of interest

Canyelles ParcTecnologic

BARCELONA NORD Technological park
carrer de Marie Curie, 8-14
Phone 932 917 777
This technological campus intends to support companies in their efforts to be innovative, to consolidate their business and seek further growth. It is also a source for technological advancement for employees and business. You can find further information in the Barcelona Activa website Barcelona Activa. 

canyelles mercat

carrer d’Antonio Machado, 10
Phone 934 277 186
Built in 1987, it is one of the recent markets of the markets city network. The brickwork finish and the metallic structure that covers it are one of its peculiarities.

canyelles parcGuineueta

plaça Llucmajor
This park that was built in 1970 stands on the other side of the street Ronda de Dalt, where a gully was. There is a children area, a little lake and a sort of wood where there is an iron sculpture shaped like a fox of the artist Julià Riu Serra.


Canyelles bibliotecaCANYELLES LIBRARY
ronda de la Guineueta Vella, 34
Phone 932 749 474
Very near the parc Josep Maria Serra Martí you will find this public library, known for its great collection of materials on forensic science and criminology.


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