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Alfons X

The Wise

Alfonso X The Wise, son of Fernando the Third and Beatriz of Suabia, was born in Toledo in 1221. He first married Mayor Guillén de Guzman, with whom he had three children, and afterwards remarried Violante de Aragón, daughter ofJaume I, with whom he conceived three more children. He was a Humanist and tolerant king, who left an important legacy in the field of law and culture. As a matter of fact, such was the scope of the work he carried out in both these areas, that he was often accused of being more interested and of putting more effort into learning than into reigning.


Alfonso the Tenth was the promoter of the famous Tablas Alfonsíes. Years later Copernicus made use of these tables to prove that the centre of the solar system was the sun, and not the earth, as it was believed until then.

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The neighbours recommend

AlfonsX CandelaRestaurant CANDELA
carrer de la Providència, 115
Phone 932 100 902
Family oriented and homemade food, this is a favorite of neighbours. Their specialty is arroz al bogavante, that is thick rice and lobster broth. This is the typical place where the people of the district usually go to find good food.

AlfonsX TibetRestaurant TIBET
carrer de Ramiro de Maeztu, 34
(near Park Güell)
Phone 932 845 045
Despite the name, this traditional Catalan cuisine restaurant is a bit far from the metro, but rumor has it that they serve the best cargols a la llauna (snails cooked with olive oil, salt and pepper) in Barcelona!.

AlfonsX JardidelApatEL JARDÍ DE L’ÀPAT
carrer d’Albert Llanas, 2, torre.
Phone 932 857 750
You can eat Mediterranean dishes in a privileged restaurant with views and a garden.

AlfonsX SalaBeckettSALA BECKETT
carrer de Ca l’Alegre de Dalt, 55
Phone 932 845 312
This theatre is specialized in contemporary drama and has popular prices. On their website you can find the programme.

carrer de l’Alegre de Dalt, 55
Phone 932 105 906
Several generations have enjoyed this club. They offer live music every day for a wide range of audiences.

laces of Interest


plaça d’Alfons el Savi, 3
This pleasant park was built on the former gardens and nursery of the company Aigües de Barcelona. In the park you can find the public library Mercè Rodoreda (2) and asa de les Altures, built by the master buildre Enric Figueres in 1890. Today it is the site of the Horta-Guinardó government district.

AlfonsX ClubEuropa

carrer de les Camèlies, s/nº
Phone 932 842 351
The Europa sports club was created in 1907 when the two old clubs -the Provençal and the Madrid de Barcelona – merged. Today this club is very well established in Gràcia, and you can see kids of all ages practicing football there every afternoon.

AlfonsX Unioexcursionista

carrer de l’Encarnació, 131-133
Phone 932 853 454
This entity organizes courses for those who want to learn climbing, trekking, alpine mountaineering and even photography. The centre houses a very specialized library on all things related to the practice of these sports.


biblioteca Guinardo merceRodoreda

carrer de les Camèlies, 76
Phone 934 353 170
A big and comfortable library that is located within the Aigües park.


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