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A nostalgic hostel Carrer Creu Coberta 22, the address of the old cinema Arenas and

Les Corts

The courts of the rural areas Corts of Sarrià is the original name of this


Little Barcelona Barceloneta is a diminutive of Barcelona, coined no doubt, by those living nearby

Via Júlia

That Roman colony At first this station was called Roquetes, but in 1999 it was


The French Consul The Lesseps square receives its name in honour of Ferdinand-Marie de Lesseps

Besòs Mar

The last stretch of the River Besòs The neighbourhood of Besòs is situated on the


The Modernist avenue The big avenue that gives name to this station is called in


A popular theatre This station has the name of the grand opera house located in


A centuries-old stream In a document that dates back to 1210, there is already mention


The modernist poet The poet and writer Joan Maragall was born in Barcelona in 1860.

Maria Cristina

The regent queen This station abuts on a Barcelona’s square that is dedicated to Maria


The fiercest Almogavar The street that gives name to this station is dedicated to Bernard


Construyendo en el monte There are two theories about the origin of the name Montbau.

Sants Estació

The central station of Barcelona Sants train station is located in Sants district, which got