metro in Barcelona

Arc de Triomf

Entrance through the main gate This monumental arch situated at the entrance of the Paseo


The Bishop who fell in love with Barcelona José Maria Urquinaona y Bidot was born

Sants Estació

The central station of Barcelona Sants train station is located in Sants district, which got


The lagoon’s channel In the fifteen century it was inundated by sea water and hence

Av. Carrilet

Miniature rails This station commemorates the train of the line Llobregat-Anoia of the Ferrocarils de


A market with charm This station was christened with the name of the popular market


The prosperous Tarraco Tarragona is a city with more than 2000 years of history. Its


The Battle for Mallorca Llucmajor is a municipality on the island of Mallorca. In this


For a good travel There are many theories about the name of the district of


A building with lots of history The historic building of the University of Barcelona was


The modernist poet The poet and writer Joan Maragall was born in Barcelona in 1860.

Can Serra

An old-time house Can Serra was a family seat that was swept away during the


Our land Catalunya is the name of the nation established towards the end of tenth


An enclosed valley Vallcarca is the contraction of the toponym Vall Càrcara, which means “enclosed


The arrival of the new village In the old days this neighbourhood was a swampy


Our land Catalunya is the name of the nation established towards the end of tenth


The Modernist avenue The big avenue that gives name to this station is called in


From the Vall daura to Santes Creus The first known documentation that exists concerning this

Selva de Mar

A village of Catalonia This station takes one to a street that, like many others