Galleries in Barcelona


The fiercest Almogavar The street that gives name to this station is dedicated to Bernard


Construyendo en el monte There are two theories about the origin of the name Montbau.

Sants Estació

The central station of Barcelona Sants train station is located in Sants district, which got

Santa Eulàlia

The co-patron saint of Barcelona The saint Eulalia, or “the saint who spoke well”, lived


A home for orphans and the elderly This station receives its name from the architectural


The city of the four rivers Girona is the capital of the province and county


The lightning tower It is one of the district of Hospitalet and it takes its

Palau Reial

A farm that turned into a palace The Palau Reial of Pedralbes is a palace


The clergyman of the Catalan Renaissance Jacint Verdaguer i Santaló was born in Folgueroles in


A building with lots of history The historic building of the University of Barcelona was


Convent for the needy A man known as Father Palau lived in this area towards

Jaume I

The conquering king Son of Peter the Second of Aragon and Mary of Montpellier, James


The unfortunate count This station takes its name from the Count of Urgell Street. James

Poble Sec

Descending from Montjuic The Poble-sec orography, which stretches along one of the sides of Montjuic


A family by the name of Joanich This metro station abuts on the square Joanic,

Arc de Triomf

Entrance through the main gate This monumental arch situated at the entrance of the Paseo


The Bishop who fell in love with Barcelona José Maria Urquinaona y Bidot was born