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The Navy Shipyards

Las Drassanes are shipyards of civil Gothic style, they were built between the 13th and 14th centuries where merchant and war ships of different draught and length were built with high quality standards, making them gain fame all around the Mediterranean Sea.
Their impeccable stone and wooden structure helped them withstand the test of times, thus surviving the earthquakes, which beat down on Barcelona in 1373 and 1428, and the Civil War bombings. Within the architectural ensemble, few standing remains of the city’s ancient wall are preserved. Today they are the venue for the Maritime Museum where, among others, a replica of the first submarine, the Ictíneo by Narcis Monturiol, is exhibited.
The Reials Drassanes de Barcelona, located at the end of Rambla, is the largest and best preserved medieval shipyards in Europe and they were declared as listed building in 1976.


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The neighbours recommend

Avinguda de les Drassanes, 6, planta 24
Phone 936 313 590
The restaurant’s atmosphere make you think to stay inside a ship, with the views… like in a balloon! High quality seafood and grilled fishes.

Cafe Conservatori DrassanesCAFÉ DEL CONSERVATORI
carrer de les Tàpies, 9
Phone 934 428 469
This is the restaurant of the new Liceu conservatory. They offer a daily menu and live music in the evening alongside a very distinctive gastronomical proposal.

Drassanes il-mercante-di-veneziaRestaurant IL MERCANTE DI VENEZIA
carrer de Josep Anselm Clavé, 11
Phone 933 171 828
The decorated interiors remind a typical house of Venice in the 18th century. Also the dishes they offer are delicious and you can find it very close to the Columbus statue.

africa-tamarane-rieretaRestaurant AFRICA TAMARANE
carrer de la Riereta, 26
Phone 934 428 089
African restaurant and gallery with cuisine of Sierra Leone, good music, craftsmanship and also a little library inside!

Places of interest

Drassanes Museu Maritim

avinguda de les Drassanes, s/nº
Phone 933 429 920
Located in the same dockyards, it is a Gothic building of authentic beauty. Inside you will find, among other things, exhibitions about the marine world and a copy of the first submarine designed by the Catalan Narcís Monturiol.

Museu Cera barcelonaWAXWORKS’ MUSEUM
Passatge Banca, 7
Phone 933 172 649
A typical place to visit in Barcelona, it is located in a building of neoclassical architecture, where you will enjoy surprising scenes admiring the perfection of the wax personages who live inside.

Drassanes ArtSantaMonica

La Rambla, 7
Phone 933 162 810
A part of this centre belongs to the old convent from which it takes the name. Today exhibitions of contemporary art are organized, some of them with free entrance. Furthermore, there is a restaurant with wonderful views to the harbour and to the famous street of Ramblas.

In the end of the Ramblas
The project of this building was designed by the architect Gaietà BuIgas and it was inaugurated during the World’s Fair of 1888. It is possible to go to more than 50m of height, on the top of the column, with the inside elevator. The statue is more than 7m high and it was realized by the sculptor Rafael Atché.



Port Vell de Barcelona
You can take the cable car from the Jaume I tower (World Trade Centre), while you can find Las golondrinas boats in front of the monument of C. Columbus:
In this way, through the sea or from the sky you will enjoy Barcelona from a different point of view.

Drassanes basilica MerceLA MERCÈ CHURCH
plaça de la Mercè, 1
This Christian church of Our Lady of Mercy stood in 1775 in the same place where the first church was built in 1267. It was dedicated to the Virgin, the patron of Barcelona.


Drassanes marionetasPepeOtalPEPE OTAL PUPPETS STUDIO
carrer de Guàrdia, 11
Phone 933 011 157
After the death of the craftsman Pepe Otal, his school continues to teach the skill of making and using puppets.



Centrecivic Drassanes

carrer Nou de La Rambla, 43
Phone 934 412 280
This public structure in Raval district accommodates many different activities. Check on the web page!


casal FolchiTorres

carrer Reina Amàlia, 31
Phone 933 294 295
It is open from Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m.- 9.00 p.m. You can enjoy art exhibits, conferences, workshops and extra classes for young students aged between 12 and 16.


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