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The city of the four rivers

Girona is the capital of the province and county of Gironès. It is known that the origin of the name is pre-Roman, Gerunda, but its meaning is unknown. Girona was one of the first places crossed by the Via Augusta, and in which the Romans had settled since it was strategically located between the Narbonese Gaul and the Mediterranean area of Hispania. In 715 it was occupied by the Muslims until 758, when its inhabitants handed it over to Charlemagne who reorganized the domains administratively and created the counties of Girona, Besalú and Empúries, which later on, in 878, unified beneath the county of Guifré el Pelós.
The places that most stand out now are those that that suffered the most during the Catalan Revolt or the War of Spanish Succession.
Girona is one of the most sought after touristic destinations thanks to its natural beauty and its extensive medieval heritage.


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The neighbours recommend

Girona CanCargolRestaurant CAN CARGOL
carrer de València, 324
Phone 934 589 631
Restaurant specialized in snails and grilled meats. You better call and make a reservation before going. They close Sundays night.


carrer de Mallorca, 290
Phone 934 589 844
The only restaurant in the city dedicated to mussels’ cookery: here you can taste, for example, mussels fried in breadcrumbs, steamed mussels, mussels au gratin or cooked with cider…

Girona RodizioRestaurant Brasileño EL RODIZIO
carrer del Consell de Cent, 403
Phone 932 655 112
Brazilian style rodizzio-grill, grilled meats, bean dishes and free buffet. And at night-time music and caipirnhas.


Girona GenteconEnchufeGENTE CON ENCHUFE
carrer de Roger de Lluria, 53
Phone 935 325 566
It would be nice if more initiatives like this will undertake in Barcelona. Bikes, motorcycles and electric cars for rent.

Places of Interest

The best way to enjoy the city’s architecture is strolling through the streets and fixing one’s gaze above rather than bellow. On the streets of the downtown area one comes across some curious buildings, such as modernist house of Eduardo S. de Lamadrid (c. Girona, 13) nd the first designed by Lluis Domènech i Montaner, or the house of Isabel Pomar (c. Girona, 86), that Joan Rubió i Bellver built between 1904 and 1906. Make sure you check out the ceramic boat keel in the main entranceway.

Conservatori Musica

carrer del Bruc, 110-112
Phone 934 584 302
Antoni Falguera i Sivilla designed this building in 1928 based on an earlier project by the architect Pere Flaqués. Other than free classical music concerts every week of the year, the conservatory offers music lessons. To ensure a seat in a concert, I recommend you get there early.

Mercat Concepcio

carrer d’Aragó, 313-317
Built with iron and glass by Antoni Rovira i Trias, this market was inaugurated in 1888. It is well-known for the great variety of fresh products and for the flowers’ sale open 24/7.


Girona biblioSofiaBaratSOFÍA BARAT LIBRARY
carrer de Girona, 64-68
Phone 932 317 767
Library with an area for children and a fine selection of works specialized in alternative therapies and interior design. It also has a very nice outdoor terrace.


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