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The Battle for Mallorca

Llucmajor is a municipality on the island of Mallorca. In this town in the year 1349, Peter the Fourth, known as The Ceremonious, defeated James the Third of Mallorca with the resulting reincorporation of the Kingdom of Mallorca to the Crown of Aragon, at a spot which ever since is known as the Camp de sa Batalla (The Battlefield).
There are several theories regarding the etymological origin of the word Llucmajor. Although all coincide that the word Major is the Latin for the word “bigger”, there are discrepancies regarding the word Lluch. Some say it could come from the Arab terminology shaati, which denotes a “river-bank”; others hold that it comes from the Latin expression, lucus major, that is, “large forest”, supposing that in the area there once was a large forest or woodland; and finally, others sustain that it comes from the Latin term lumen, meaning “light”, although this last theory is unlikely.


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The neighbours recommend

Llucmajor casaCastroRestaurant CASA CASTRO
carrer de l’Isard, 5
Phone 933 542 050
They have been cooking Galician specialities for more than 30 years. They do home delivery of fresh shell food.


Llucmajor casaJulioRestaurant CASA JULIO
carrer dels Garrofers, 65
Phone 933 543 368
A Cantabrian restaurant that offers their own savoury recipes.


Places of Interest

Llucmajor ParcCentralNouBarris

plaça Major de Nou Barris, 1
This 17-hectare green zone was inaugurated in 1999 and is now the second biggest park in Barcelona. Inside the park you will find the Nou Barris public library and the Ca n’Esenya old farm house, the present home of several cultural entities of la Guineueta district. Once Can Carreres, another farm in the park, undergoes renovation, it will house other organizations as well. Inside the park the park, there is also the Parc Tecnològic Barcelona Nord, a nursery of companies that develop new technologies.


Canyelles ParcTecnologic

carrer de Marie Curie, 8-14
Phone 932 917 777
It is a technological park that provides support services to promote the companies’ innovation, consolidation and growth. You can get more information about this place and the services they offer fromBarcelona Activa. It is always nice to have a walk in this park, either way.

escultura Republica

In the square de Llucmajor there is a sculpture by Jossep Viladomat, The Republic (1), in honor of the first President of the Spanish Republic: Francesc Pi i Maragall. In 1936, during the Second Republic, this statue was placed in the intersection of the passeig de Gràcia with the Diagonal, but during the Franco period it was removed and remained out of sight for many years. Finally in 1990 it was decided that it should adorn this square.



Can Verdaguer

carrer de Piferrer / carrer de Casas i Amigó
Sixteenth century farm that is now undergoing remodelling, it will become a civic centre once ready.


passeig de Valldaura, 186-190
Phone 933 504 734
Like the others neighbourhood markets, it is the ideal place to do the weekly shopping and to buy fresh products. Check on the web all the stands of La Guineueta market!


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