Maragall Botaraco


The modernist poet

The poet and writer Joan Maragall was born in Barcelona in 1860. Maragall received the title of “Mestre en Gai Saber”—the same title that Verdaguer received, and was a founding member of the Catalan Philology Studies Institute and was the President of the Ateneu Barcelonès. He is one the main exponent of the Modernist movement and even today is one of the best known and most beloved Catalonian poets. Joan Maragall died in Barcelona on the 20 of December 1911.


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The neighbours recommend

Maragall BotaracoRestaurant LA BOTA DEL RACÓ
avinguda Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 232
Phone 934 566 001
It is one of the typical Catalan restaurant where to taste specialities of this country. They have rooms which can host a large groups of people.

Maragall BodeguetaLA BODEGUETA
carrer de Varsòvia, 84
Phone 934 360 776
It is an old spacious tavern decorated in the old style. They specialize in vermouths, wines and the Catalan cavas.


passeig de Maragall, 107
Phone 934 460 391
Burritos, guacamole, quesadillas, tacos… If you crave good Mexican food, this is your restaurant.

maragall mandarina-restauranteVegetarian restaurant MANDARINA
carrer Vinyals, 50
Phone 639 611 939
This restaurant offers you dishes of vegetarian and creative cuisine prepared with Mediterranean ingredients, in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

Places of Interest

Torre Llobeta

carrer de Santa Fe, 2
Phone 933 585 614
This civic centre and public library is housed in an old majestic home built in the fifteenth century that later was used as a farm.

Monument Jaume Ferran

passeig Maragall / carrer de les Acàcies
The sculptor José Cañas crafted this monument to Jaume Ferran I Clua the doctor and the bacteriologist who discovered a cholera vaccine and some others against typhus and tuberculosis. You can find the old laboratories of the doctor in Garcilaso street. Today they host a public school.


Maragall mercatGuinardoGUINARDÓ MARKET
passatge de Llívia, 12-34
Phone 934 355 888
New equipment areas have been added to this market recently. Among them there is a civic centre for elderly people and a garage.


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