Terraza Dos Cielos


The arrival of the new village

In the old days this neighbourhood was a swampy and humid area known as the herbes de Levant (Herbs of Levant), where shepherds would take their livestock to graze. In time, however, the peasants began to clean up the area and built their farms around the medieval parish of Sant Martí de Provençals. Although at first this neighbourhood was called Taulat (sowing terrace), those who settled here around 1800 rechristened it as Poblenou, literally, “New Town” or Pueblo Nuevo.


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The neighbours recommend

Terraza Dos CielosRestaurant DOS CIELOS
(Hotel ME Barcelona)
carrer de Pere IV, 272-286
Phone 933 672 070
On the twenty-fourth floor of this hotel you have a chance to try a new and creative restaurant. Aside from the amazing views, after you eat you can take your “sensografía”, a graphic interpretation that is generated from the results of your emotions and sensations while eating your food.

mika-milanRestaurant MIKA MILAN
Rambla del Poblenou, 127
Phone 936 338 626
Here you can eat original hamburgers and elaborate tapas. On Sunday you can go to brunch. Take away food service.

rambla del Poblenou, 44-46
Phone 933 091 872
Since 1912 they make one of the best orxatas of Barcelona.


Places of Interest

The metro entrance is a minute away from Poblenou’s Rambla (main boulevard), which since its origins is the neighbourhood’s main axis, first as a residential area chosen by the bourgeoisie and now occupied by many and very diverse businesses. On account of the 1992 Olympics the last stretch of the Rambla was extended all the way to the sea.
Very close by, in the square de la Unió, you will find the recently remodeled Poblenou market or of the Unió, and on the carrer del Joncar, 27-45, Can Saladrigas, one of the first textile mills in the area (1860), where today is Poblenou’s library—Manule Arranz—and an imaging centre that furthermore commemorates Poblenou’s industry, which is a good example of the neighbourhood’s awareness of the industrial historic heritage which has taken root with greater strength than ever before.

Casino Alianca

Rambla del Poblenou, 42
Phone 932 252 814
This cultural and social entity was founded by Lluís Remisa in 1868 under the name of Societat l’Aliança. This is another great example of the popular “ateneus” (cultural associations) that surfaced from the civil society in Catalonia. They also offer a lunch menu throughout the year.


Fund Palo alto

carrer dels Pellaires, 30
Phone 933 036 940 / 933 070 974
Built with open face brick, this old factory has still one chimney standing. Today this building is host to several creative studios, such as the one of Javier Mariscal. They offer guided tours of the building and you can have a lunch menu in their cellar. The name of Palo Alto is so popular due to the market which takes place there once a month. Concerts, healthy food, clothes and a lot more in this market, including the queue!

Can Framis

carrer Roc Boronat, 116-126
Phone 933 208 736
Located in an old textile factory of the 18th century that has been recently renovated, it is the latest creation of the Fundació Vilacasas, that is a museum dedicated to contemporary painting. It houses permanent and temporary exhibitions.

can Felipa

carrer de Pallars, 277
Phone 932 563 840
The first owner of this building was Felp Ferrndo, and is the reason why it’s named Can Felipa today. This used to be textile factory, and now is a civic centre specialized in the visual arts.


Mercat poblenouPOBLENOU MARKET
Plaça de la Unió, 25
Phone 932 252 937
This market was built in 1889 and renovated in 2004. It has its own history and stories, which you will get to know only if you go there!



They are one of the most popular grand festivities of the city and take place in mid-September.

festaMajor poblenou


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