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The fiercest Almogavar

The street that gives name to this station is dedicated to Bernard of Rocafort, an almogavar (soldier) of the XIII-XIV century who took part in the great military campaigns of Catalonia. He was Roger de Flor’s (Roger Blum’s) lieutenant and along with Blum’s brother-in-law, Berenguer d’Entenςa, took part in the campaign that the Almogavars launched in the service of the Byzantine Emperor, Andronicus the Second, to fight the Turks in Asia Minor.


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The neighbours recommend

can valles rocafortRestaurant CAN VALLÉS
carrer d’Aragó, 95
Phone 932 260 667
Ideal bar-restaurant for tapas or to order from the menu sophisticated dishes and quality products. You are better off calling to make reservations.

a-taste-of-home rocafortA TASTE OF HOME
Carrer de Floridablanca, 78
Phone 933 251 797
It’s not a restaurant: it’s the only store in Barcelona that sells only English products. They also offer free deliver.

eterna RocafortETERNA
Carrer del Consell de Cent, 127-129
Phone 934 242 526
It’s perfect for dinner with friends, and from Thursdays to Saturdays they cheer up the evening with a musical spectacle accompanied by drag queens. During the day there are no spectacles, but the menu is well worth it.

Places of interest

Leaving the subway station on the corner of Gran Via and Rocafort, there is the school of music and dance Art-Music and slightly below the church of St. Joseph and Maria Auxiliadora (carrer Sepúlveda, 68), who contains some very interesting paintings.

carrer de Calàbria, 147
Phone 934 838 383
In this institution is you will find the Sala d’Art Jove of the Generalitat, where you will be able to see the work of contemporary artists.

 cciviccasinet7185CASA DE LA LACTÀNCIA
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 475-477
A Modernist building from the early twentieth century designed by Pere Falqués i Urpí y Antoni Falguera. This building, Lactància Municipal (Municipal Nursing), was originally used to feed and assist pregnant women. Today it is a retirement home.


the bike club cycle cafeTHE BIKE CLUB – CYCLING CAFÉ
carrer de Sepúlveda, 6
Phone 931 791 371
A multipurpose space within those spaces called “cycle café”, where you can find all about the bikes: accessories, renting, workshops… you can also have a snack while you get to know the last trends of the bikes’ world.


centre civic golferichsCENTRE CÍVIC GOLFERICHS
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 491
Phone 933 237 790
The modernist building that Macari Golferichs commissioned to the architect Joan Rubió i Bellver. Today it is the Francesc Català-Roca photographic studio. There are organized creative workshops, health workshops and every kind of routes. You can arrive here from the Urgell station.


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