vermutdesants SantsEstacio

Sants Estació

The central station of Barcelona

Sants train station is located in Sants district, which got its name from an old temple that stood there in the year 780, the Church of Santa Maria de Sants, dedicated to Saint Bartholomew. Before the 18th century, this area was basically an agriculture area that provided the city with vegetables, maize, wine and meat and it included a rural road, all along the camí ral (Royal Road) that led outside the city. The area’s economic development picked up when a new road was built, and throughout the 19th century three major projects took over: the textile mills, the Sants highway and the railroad.
Sants was annexed to Barcelona in 1897 and it is the oldest and most extensive neighbourhood in the district.
The Sants station is today the first in terms of passenger traffic in the entire country, since most of the trains coming in and out of Barcelona pass through it. Today it is also the city station where the high speed train (AVE) stops.


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The neighbours recommend

vermutdesants SantsEstacioEL VERMUT DE SANTS
carrer de Valladolid, 42
Phone 676 394 292
Here you can have an artisan vermouth alongside some tapas. We also recommend their croquettes, everything at a very affordable price.

BodegaBartoli SantsEstacioBodega BARTOLI
carrer del Vallespir, 41
Phone 933 391 021
Homemade tapas, Iberian sasusages, preserves of quality and an outstanding service by the two brothers that run the place.

la taverna de sants SantsEstacioLA TAVERNA DE SANTS
carrer dels Comtes de Bell-Lloc, 97
Phone 934 906 323
A great variety of tuna and typical tapas of Andalusia region.




VISUAL SantsEstacioRestaurant VISUAL
Hotel Torre Catalunya

avinguda de Roma, 2-4, planta 23
Phone 936 006 996
A place to eat while enjoying some amazing views of the city of Barcelona. If you can’t afford the tasting menu (45€), you can choose to have breakfast in the morning buffet between 7 a.m. and 10.30 a.m.

RestauranteCarmen SantsEstacioRestaurant CARMEN
carrer de Valladolid, 44
Phone 933 303 688
Homemade cooking. They have Catalan seasonal calçots, grilled meats, stews and on Friday… the traditional dish of escudella i carn d’olla! It consists of a broth served with “galets” (very large shell-shaped pasta) alongside pork, beef, chicken and the vegetables used to cook the broth.

Sants Estacio AddisAbebaRestaurant Etíope ADDIS ABEBA
carrer de Vallespir, 44
Phone 934 094 037
A new way to taste the exotic flavours of Ethiopian cuisine. According to the tradition, the dishes are served to be shared, so we suggest coming here in groups or with the family and of course, with your hands!

Places of Interest

parc de lespanya industrial SantsEstacio

carrer de Muntadas, 37
A park with a lake situated in the outbuildings of an old textile factory of Muntadas family. This park has more sculptures by square meter than any other, such as the emblematicDrac (Dragon) by Andrés Nagel, The Neptú by Manuel Fluxà, the Venus Moderna (Modern Venus) by José Pérez Pérez or the Bous de l’abundància (Bulls of abundance) by Antoni Alsina.


carrer de Creu Coberta, 93
Phone 934 318 606
A work by the architect Antoni Rovira i Trias, this market was inaugurated in 1888 to feed the workers of the old factories of the area.


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