SelvadeMar LadolceVita

Selva de Mar

A village of Catalonia

This station takes one to a street that, like many others in Barcelona, carries the name of Catalonina village in Catalonia, in this case, that of Selva de Mar. This municipality is situated in the northernmost stretch of the Costa Brava, in the district of l’Alt Empordà. The Selva del Mar St. of Barcelona is in the centre of the Provençals neighbourhood, next to the Front Marítim and the Diagonal Mar.
The street is surrounded by newly built high rises, mainly devoted to the hotel business. The entire area is affected by the urban transformation project of 22@, the most ambitious urban innovation project ever undertaken in the city of Barcelona.


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The neighbours recommend

SelvadeMar LadolceVitaPizzeria LA DOLCE VITA
carrer de Bac de Roda, 38
Phone 933 037 387
Artesian pizzas, Italian wines and homemade desserts. They do offer lunch menu and home delivery. Closed on Sundays.


Places of Interest

SelvadeMar CentredeBarri

carrer de la Selva de Mar, 22-32
Phone 934 982 446
They offer courses, lectures, shows and an endless list of activities. You can gather information in situ or you can call ahead for more information.

Parc Diagonal Mar

carrer de Llull, 402
Designed by Enric Miralles and BenedettaTagliabue, this is today one of the largest parks in Barcelona. The lakes make water a centrepiece of the park, although big iron structures and mosaics made with tiles also stand-out. Nearby the park, in the square Ramon Calsina, you’ll find the Torre de les Aigües de Can Girona, which once remodeled will become a museum of the history of the area and a vantage point.

Fund Palo alto

carrer dels Pellaires, 30
Phone 933 036 940 / 933 070 974
Built with open face brick, this old factory has still one chimney standing. Today this building is host to several creative studios, such as the one of Javier Mariscal. They offer guided tours of the building and you can have a lunch menu in their cellar. The name of Palo Alto is so popular due to the market which takes place there once a month. Concerts, healthy food, clothes and a lot more in this market, including the queue!


final del carrer de la Selva de Mar
One of the most popular beaches among the youngs of Barcelona. Here there is the base nautica de la Mar Bella, from which sailing cruisers and kayak tours depart. During July and August the “beach library” of Espigó Bac De Roda, located at 98, Litoral Avenue opens, a good solution to read and learn new things while you sunbathe.


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