bodega sepulveda urgell


The unfortunate count

This station takes its name from the Count of Urgell Street. James the Second of Urgell, son of Peter the Second of Urgell and of Daisy de Montferrat, was born in Balaguer in the year 1380. Known as The Unfortunate, he was to be the last Count of Urgell, title that he inherited from his father. He was also named Viscount of Àger and Lord of Alcolea of Cinca and Fraga.


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The neighbours recommend

bodega sepulveda urgellBodega SEPÚLVEDA
Carrer de Sepúlveda, 173 bis
Phone 933 325 944 – 934 547 094
More than 100 home-made tapas! I highly recommend the: «cap-i-pota»*. (*This is a traditional dish done with the cartilaginous parts of the pig’s head and leg, cooked and seasoned with pine kernels, fried bread, garlic and parsley.)

The pink ElephantTHE PINK ELEPHANT
Carrer de Villarroel, 82
Phone 935 024 825
In this restaurant you’ll feel like you were back in the early twentieth century in New York and you can taste traditional dishes of North America cuisine.

Places of interest

(Centre cívic Casa Golferichs)
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 491
Phone 933 237 790
At Casa Golerichs, built in 1900 according to a project by the architect Joan Rubió i Bellver, you’ll find this space dedicated to photography where you will be able to take a number of courses and visit very interesting exhibitions.

club escandinacoCLUB ESCANDINAVO
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 541, 1º2ª
Phone 934 519 878
This center organizes a cycle of Nordic cinema for the general public. In case you want to learn more about the Nordic countries.


teatre villarroelTEATRE LA VILLARROEL
Carrer de Villarroel, 87
Tel. 934 511 234
This theatre founded in 1972 has a long tradition for its social compromise.

teatre guaschGUASCH TEATRE
carrer d’Aragó, 140
Phone 934 513 462
A little theater where you will find shows fit for the entire family. Well known especially for its shows for children on the weekends.



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