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The prosperous Tarraco

Tarragona is a city with more than 2000 years of history. Its origins date back to the year 218 BC, when the Roman armies reached the Iberian Peninsula to fight against the Carthaginians in the Second Punic War.
This city became the capital of Hispania Citerior province and of the Tarraconensis province years later. The circus, the theatre and the amphitheatre of that period still stand, and they are all examples of the city’s importance during the Roman Empire. After various incursions by Franks, Germanics and Visigoths in the year 713 AD, the Muslims conquered the city and incorporated it to the Al-Andalus. Since then, Tarragona suffered centuries of depopulation and decadence, until Ramon Berenguer the Third occupied it in the 12th century. It suffered one last great blow with the Spanish War of Independence of 1811, but then its recovery has been unstoppable.
Tarragona is today a prosperous city with a great Roman legacy, declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000. We suggest you to visit it!


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The neighbours recommend

tandoor rocafortRestaurant TANDOOR
carrer Aragó, 8
Phone 934 253 206
An Indian restaurant that offers many vegetarian dishes and more than 300 dressings.

Tarragona EdentapasEDEN DE TAPAS
carrer de Mallorca, 6-8
Phone 934 263 684
Assorted tapas and menus for anytime of the day. They also offer a cheap menu and weekend menus.



Tarragona MarrakechRestaurant MARRAKECH
carrer de Mallorca, 10
Phone 934 240 741
A typical Moroccan restaurant, where to eat couscous, tajine, pastilla and a delicious a tea with mint, all within a quiet and relaxed ambience.


Tarragona restaurantJJRestaurant J & J
carrer de Mallorca, 18-20
Phone 934 261 684
Fresh-market food with first rate products. The bill might hurt a bit, but their thick rice with broth is worth it!

Tarragona H10 ItacaRestaurant BAMBOO
avinguda de Roma, 22
Phone 932 265 594
A Mediterranean restaurant that is in the 1st floor of the H10 Itaca hotel. You will find it open at night and in summertime you can have a drink in their beautiful terrace.

Places of Interest

In the past, the Barcelona’s slaughter house stood where today the Joan Miró is. It occupied an area equal to four blocks of the Eixample. The park was inaugurated in 1983 and within it the Dona i Ocell sculpture stands, it is 22 meter- high and it is made out of concrete and ceramic. It was designed by the famous painter and sculptor Joan Miró, to whom the park is dedicated. Inside, there is also one of the city’s rain-water reservoirs which can be visited calling previously the following number 932 914 122. In Espanya square, there is the old bullfight ring of Las Arenas, which was built in the neo-Mudéjar style and it was inaugurated in 1900. In 1977 it saw its last bullfight. The building has been refurbished, preserving its historic façade and it became a large shopping and leisure mall.

Tarragona joanmirparc

( Parc de l’Escorxador )
carrer de Tarragona, 74
This park is located in the same place where the Barcelona’s slaughter house was in past times and it has corresponds to four blocks of the Eixample district. It was inaugurated in 1983 and within it the sculpture of Dona i Ocell, stands out. It is 22 m high and it was designed in concrete and ceramic by the famous painter and sculptor Joan Miró.


Tarragona casinethostafrancsCENTRE CÍVIC CASINET D’HOSTAFRANCS
carrer del Doctor Triadó, 53
Phone 934 230 440
This civic centre organizes all kind activities for everyone, including open-air movie sessions, concerts, dance lessons, exhibitions, theatre, and dance sessions for elderly people, in a space with a capacity of 450 people.


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