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Curious Barcelona

cuadro1Barcelona has many corners to be discovered. This city will always surprise you, whether you are a resident or you happen to be a visitor. Here you have our suggestions to get to know Barcelona deeply and its surroundings, taking the metro, stop by stop. So, have a good trip!

Barcelona with children

cuadro2Children can have a great time in this city, since there are many free activities, like walking along the Ramblas and watching the human statues or havimg a picnic in one of the green areas of the city. Furthermore you can visit some of the many city facilities, to the children’s delight: for example, the Zoo, the Aquarium or to take a boat trip with Las golondrinas in the harbour.

Delicious Barcelona

cuadro3In Barcelona you can taste dishes of the worldwide gastronomy. In the restaurants within the city and its metropolitan area, you will find traditional as well as international delicacies. Here we recommend to you some dishes and the typical places where you can find them, then you can decide if the travel was worth it!

Panoramic Barcelona

cuadro4You can walk through the city of Barcelona, but you can also contemplate the vastness of its area from some panoramic view points. In the next page, we will show you some corners where you can enjoy fantastic views of Barcelona from above.

Some Museums of free permanent entrance:

Museu de Carrosses Fúnebres

Museu CarrossesFunebrescarrer de sancho de Ávila, 2 (L1. Marina)
Phone 902 076 902
This is the only national museum devoted to this subject matter. You could see funeral hearses of Imperial, Gothic and French style. Entrance is free.

Museu dels Carruatges de Foment

Museu carruatges Fomentplaça de Josep Pallach, 8 (L3. Mundet)
Phone 934 275 813
If you are curious to know which means of transport the Barcelona’s people used in the past, don’t loose the chance to see the collection in this museum: very well preserved horse-drawn carriages and carriages used at work, for ride or transport, of the 19th and 20th centuries. Free entrance.

Palau Robert

Palau Robertpasseig de Gràcia, 107 (L3/L5. Diagonal)
Phone 932 388 091
Exhibition centre of three rooms, where you can enter for free, that is also the venue for the Tourism Office of Catalunya and a space for concerts. Its inner courtyard is a perfect place where to relax right in the centre of Barcelona.

Centre d'Art Santa Mònica

Centre ArtStaMonicaLa Rambla, 7 (L3. Drassanes)
Phone 935 671 110
An old convent of 1636 that has currently turned into a temporary exhibitions hall specialized in contemporary art. It is also the venue for the documentation centre Alexandre Cirici, a library and a newspaper library, where you can enter for free.

La Virreina - Centre de la Imatge

palau VirreinaLa Rambla, 99, 2ª planta (L3. Liceu)
Phone 933 161 000
Exhibition centre with different rooms of art, where you can enter for free. Closed on Monday.

Hospitalet CanEspanya

 Ca n'Espanya - Museu d'història de l'Hospitalet

carrer de Joan Pallarès, 38. Hospitalet de Llobragat (L1. Rambla Just Oliveras)
Phone 933 381 396
A very beautiful and interesting museum that also houses an exhibition of archaeological remains of L’Hospitalet. Free entrance.

Hospitalet CanEspanya

Museu de la Maquinista Terrestre i Marítima

MuseuMaquinista SantAndreucarrer de Ferran Junoy, 10 (L1. Sant Andreu)
Phone 933 075 700
This museum is an homage to this machine factory founded in 1855. It is open only on Saturday from 17 to 22pm. Free entrance.

Museu Torre Balldovina

Museu torre Balldovinaplaça Pau Casals, s/nº (L9. Can Peixauet)
Phone 933 857 142
A three-storey museum in which all history of the town of Santa Coloma is deeply explained. Next to it, the defence tower of the 11th century. Free entrance.

The first Sunday of each month
and on 18th of May (international museums’ day) some museums of Barcelona offer the free entrance, only from 15 to 20 pm. Some of these museums are:

Jardí Botànic 

palau Virreinacarrer del Doctor Font i Quer, 2 (L1/L3. Espanya + Autobus: 150 / 55 / 13) Los domingos abren hasta las 19h.)
Phone 932 564 160
A precious garden that shows the main Mediterranean plants, following an itinerary that will give you precious views.

Museu Etnològic de Catalunya

museu etnologicpasseig de Santa Madrona, 16-22 (L1/L3. Espanya + Autobus: 150 / 55 / 13)
Phone 932 563 484
It is a space dedicated to cultures’ knowledge, even though it focuses on the Catalan environment. In addition, free entrance on 13th of February and 24th of September.

Museu de la Música

Museu Musicacarrer de Lepant, 150 (L1. Marina)
Phone 932 563 650
The building of the Auditorium is the venue for the Museum of the Music, where conferences and workshops are programmed for people of all ages. The price of the entrance in the others days is 4 euros.

Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona. Museu Blau

Museu blauPlaça Leonardo da Vinci, 4-5 (L4. Maresme - Fórum)
Phone 932 562 200
A very interesting exhibition place to understand from what we come from and the world around us. You will find stuffed animals, fossils, rocks, minerals and dinosaur’s skeletons. The price of the entrance in the other days is 6 euros / 7 euros (if you also buy the entrance for the Jardí botànic)

Museu Marítim de Barcelona

museu maritimavinguda de les Drassanes, s/nº (L3. Drassanes)
Phone 933 429 920
Beyond the fact it is located in a building classified of historic and artistic Monument, here you could learn a lot about the Catalan marine culture and see a copy of real dimensions of the Joan de Aústrias’ galley and also the first submarine built by Narcís Monturiol.

Museu Monestir de Pedralbes

Monestir Pedralbescarrer de la Baixada del Monestir 9 (L3. Maria Cristina)
Phone 935 671 110
Queen Elisenda de Montcada founded this monastery in 1326 and since then it has been the residence of the nuns of the Order of St. Clare. This building is an extraordinary example of Catalan gothic style and it includes many works of art, liturgical objects and furniture that the community has preserved. Today it is possible to visit it and the price for the entrance is 7€ (combined tickets for all centres of MUHBA)

Museu de les Arts Decoratives

Glories dissenyHubplaça de les Glòries 37-38 (L1.  Glòries)
Phone 932 563 465
Important collection of objects of decorative Arts: carriages, furniture, clocks, tapestries, glass... the Museum of Disseny Hub Barcelona: Museum Tèxtil i d’Indumentària, Museum of Ceràmica, Museum of Arts Decoratives and the Gabinet de les Arts Gràfiques – were moved to the new building MUHBA of plaza de Les Glòries, in 2013. 

Museu Frederic Marès

museu fredericmaresplaça de Sant Iu, 5 (L4. Jaume I)
Phone 932 563 500
It houses the collection gave by the sculptor Frederic Marès Deulovol, that includes different objects as incunabula or samples of medieval sculptures and a big collection of religious sculptures. The entrance is free every first Sunday of the month (from 11am to 20 pm) and every Sunday in the afternoon, from 15pm.

Museu Picasso

museu picassocarrer Montcada, 15-23 (L4. Jaume I)
Phone 933 196 310
This museum focuses on the education years of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, it houses more than 4000 pieces. Furthermore everySunday the entrance is free from 15pm.. The price of the entrance in the other days: 11 euros (museum + temporary exhibition).

Museu de les cultures del món

museu cultures moncarrer Montcada, 12 (L4. Jaume I)
Phone 933 562 300
Located in the gothic palaces of Nadal and Marquès de Llió, in this space you will find the cultural and artistic difference of places like Africa, Asia, America and Oceania. Closed on Monday and on the first Sunday of the month, free entrance all the day as well as in the afternoons of every Sunday.

Museu tèxtil i de la Indumentaria

museu textilplaça de les Glòries 37-38 (L1. Glòries)
Phone 932 682 598
This museum offers an historic journey of the fabric, from the 16th century until today. It houses collection of clothes and historic jewellery.The exhibitions of the Museum of Arts Decoratives, the Museum of Ceràmica and the Museum Tèxtil i d’Indumentària, closed in 2013 to move to the new building MUHBA in plaza de Les Glòries..

Museu d'Història de Catalunya

Museu Historia Catalunyaplaça de Pau Vila, 3 (L4. Barceloneta)
Phone 932 254 700
In this building of 1881 there were the old Almacenes Generales de Comercio, the harbor warehouses. Today it houses the Museum of Història de Catalunya, for those who want to get to know better its history thanks an important collection of objects and documents. The entrance as in other museums is free on 11th of September (La Diada) and on 23rd of September (Festa Major de Barcelona). The price of the entrance in the other days is 5€ (for both the permanent and temporary exhibition).

Jardins del Laberint d'Horta

Laberint Hortapasseig dels Castanyers, 1 (L3. Mundet)
In this neoclassical garden which dates back to the eighteenth century, you can find the labyrinth that gives name to the park. Not only is it the oldest garden in the city, but it might be one of the most peculiar. You will need to pay a small entrance fee of less than 3€, but on Wednesday and on Sunday the entrance is free (and also on 24th of September and the Mercè's day).

Palau Güell

Liceu palauGuellcarrer Nou de la Rambla, 3-5 (L3. Liceu)
Phone 934 725 775
Yet another building designed by Antoni Gaudí and declared World Heritage by the UNESCO. It is currently undergoing restoration and it is open to the public, the entrance is free only on Sunday. The price in the other days is 12€.


cuadro generJanuary

- In January, there aren’t any festivals in the districts, but other festivals are celebrated: the New Year’s Eve and on the 5th of January, the Cabalgada de los reyes magos. This is a parade for the coming of the Three Kings, where a series of carriages plenty of splendid presents pass by the districts of: L1. El Clot / L1. Sant Andreu / L1. Trinitat Vella / L1. Universitat / L1. Urquinaona / L3. Les Corts / L4. Jaume I / L4. Poblenou / L4. Alfons X  / L5. Camp de L'Arpa)

- In the days near the 17th of January the day of Anthony The Great, there is a festival called Festa dels tres trombs (L2. Sant Antoni), a festival dedicated to the animals, where there are many horses. In the whole week, you will find a variety of activities for people of all ages.

cuadro febreroFebruary

This month stands out for its famous festival that is well-known everywhere: the Carnival, which is celebrated between the second and the third weekend of February.


cuadro marzoMarch

- 3rd : Festival of Saint Medir. During this sweet festival especially for children, horse-drawn carriages pass by the streets throwing a shower of sweets that dye/color the ground. Places to go: La Bordeta (L1. Mercat Nou ) and Gràcia (L3. Fontana).


cuadro abrilApril

- During the week before Easter, the famous Semana Santa (“Holy week”), you can’t miss the Feria de Abril (“The April fair”) that is celebrated in some parts of the city. We especially suggest the fair of Hospitalet (L5. Pubilla Cases) at the one of Parc del Fórum (L4. Maresme-Fórum).

- The Saint Jordi national day is characterised by the presence of roses and book all over the city. The most popular spots are in the centre of Barcelona, from the station of (L4. Jaume I to L3. Drassanes). If you get off at (L2-L5. Sagrada Familia), you will find the same festive and popular atmosphere, also because the festival of this district falls on these days.


cuadro maig- 11th: day of the Saint Anastaci, the patron saint of Badalona (L2. Gorg). Some of the very typical performances of Badalona are: la Cremada del Dimoni, el Ball del Micaco, la Festa de las Migas and la sardinada a Baix de Mar.

- In the second half of May, you start to feel the atmosphere of the festivals within the districts and in their metropolitan areas. In the 2nd week of May, you should go by: L1. Navas and by L1. Sta. Eulàlia, in the 3rd week of the month.


cuadro juny- In the 1st week of June, the districts which celebrated their festivals are: L1. Torrassa and L1. Trinitat Vella.
- n the 2nd week you can enjoy the festivals in Hospitalet: (L1. Can Serra)
- In the 3rd week you should go by the: L2. La Pau or L5. Pubilla Cases.


cuadro juliol-From the 2nd half of this month you will find the festivals in: L3. Poble Sec.


cuadro agost- In this month, Barcelona celebrates the most popular and crowded festivals. In the middle of the month, around the day 15th, the celebration of the Festes de Gràcia (L3. Fontana), and the Fiesta major de Sants (L3. Sants-Estació), in the last week.


cuadro setembre- The 1st week, the festivals of: L1. Fondo.
- he 2nd week: L1. Bellvitge / L2. Artigues-Sant Adrià / L4. Poblenou / L5. Gavarra).


cuadro octubre- In the 1st week the district which celebrates its festival is: L1. Hostafrancs.
- In the 2nd week, the festivals are in: L3. Les Corts.


cuadro novembre- From the 2nd week, the festivals of: L2. La Verneda
- The 3rd week is the week of the festivals of: L1. Sagrera.


cuadro desembre- To conclude the year, during the first week of December pass by the metro station of: L1. Fabra i Puig… good entertainment for sure!



Although Barcelona is a very large and complete city, there are visitors who for lack of time can only miss a few days. We propose a tour of the most emblematic Barcelona ... one, two or three days are enough to get a little deeper into the heart of this city. Although there are many things to see, these days we will try to make a route that allows us to feel the variety of places that Barcelona offers, here are some examples...

  • 1st DAY

    Sagrada FamiliaSagrada Família  
    Station: (L2.L5. Sagrada Família
    carrer de Mallorca, 401
    As it is explained in the history of the station, this wonderful temple by Antonio Gaudì, is the jewel of Barcelona and one of the best attraction in the world. From here, then you can go walking to avinguda GaudI until Hospital of Sant Pau...



    ParcGuellParc Güell  
    Station: (L3. Vallcarca)
    carrer d'Olot, s/nº.
    Phone 932 130 488
    This park, designed by Antoni Gaudí, was declared a world heritage site by Unesco in 1984. It was commissioned by the industrialist and patron of the arts, Eusebi Güell and today only two houses can be contemplated: the present-day Casa Museu Gaudí and the Martí Trias House. Here you can a quick sandwich to regain your strength and follow the route…

    casa-mila La-PedreraCasa Milà - La Pedrera  
    Station: (L3. Diagonal)
    Passeig de Gràcia, 92
    Phone 934 845 900
    A residential building built by Antoni Gaudí between 1905 and 1910. Today one of the floors is open to the public, the Espai Gaudí, and the attic and the terrace can also be visited. Walking to all Paseo de Gràcia towards the sea, you will pass through Plaça Catalunya and drink of water of la Font de Canaletes


    Les RamblesThe Ramblas of Barcelona  
    Station: (L3. L1. Catalunya. L3 Liceu. L3. Drassanes)
    web Ramblas Ajuntament
    Here you are in the most well-known avenue of the city, where you could get lost among the adjacent streets, visiting the MACBA, the CCCB, Plaça Reial, or to take a typical hot chocolate with cream (a Swiss one) in carrer Petritxol, and from here to the…



    StaMadelMarCathedral of Barcelona and basílica de Sta. Maria del Mar 
    Station: (L4. Jaume I)
    plaça de la Seu, s/nº
    Phone 933 428 262
    Two monuments of catalan gothic style. The cathedral was built between the 13th and 15th centuries, the cathedral’s façade is more recent (19th century) and its complex is one of the city’s gems. If you visit it from 13 to 17pm, you will pay for the entrance. Let yourself be fascinated by the Ribera district, the carrer Montcada (where there is the Picasso Museum) and the surroundings of the cathedral as Plaza del Rei, where you will find the Museum of History of the city… and if you manage to complete all the route in a day you will feel more than satisfied!

    • 2nd DAY
    • NouMercat EncantsMercat dels Encants
      Station: (L1. Glòries)
      carrer Castillejos, 158
      A new market that substitutes for one of the oldest market of Europe. A place where to spend the all day walking around, wandering round and buying new stuff or used one, following a route shielded from the sun.
      The Plaza de les Glòries is currently in the process of redevelopment.

    • Palau-musica-catalana

      Palau de la Música Catalana
      Station: (L4. Urquinaona)
      carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, s/nº
      Phone 902 442 882
      Built between the years 1905 and 1908, this project which was designed by the Modernist architect Domènech i Montaner and is one of the city’s most precious gems and, if you can, go to one of the unforgettable concerts!


      Port Vell
      Station: (L4. Barceloneta)
      Phone 933 176 135
      It is the oldest part of the Barcelona’s harbor. In the last years, it manages to change turning into an emblematic place for the people of Barcelona as well as for tourists. Having a nice walk you could get into the Museum of História de Catalunya or enjoy a good meal in one of the restaurants of Barceloneta district.


      Palau Güell
      Station: (L3. Liceu)
      carrer Nou de la Rambla, 3-5
      Phones 934 725 775 - 934 725 771
      Yet another building designed by Antoni Gaudí and declared World Heritage by the UNESCO. It is currently undergoing restoration and it offers a temporary exhibition about the restaurant industry. Come back to the Ramblas until you will find this palace, another work of Antoni Gaudí, and you could also go into in the typical market of La Boquería, not far from here…


      el Paral·lel
      Station: (L2/L3. Paral·lel)
      The route of this avenue corresponds to the earth parallel 41º22’34’’ from which the boulevard takes the name. It is a very famous boulevard in Barcelona for its theatres, pubs, leisure rooms, a perfect place where to go at the end of the day and get into the night in Barcelona…

      • 3rd DAY

        teleferic Montjuic

        Telefèric de Montjuïc
        Station: (L2/L3. Paral·lel)
        A good place where to go for an innovative trip in a cabin of 8 passengers. From here you will have an eye-bird’s view of Barcelona and the arrival’s point: Montjuïc castle. The cable car joins the funicular with the Montjuïc castle, which sits on top of the Montjuïc mountain and clusters a large green zone of the city. The new cabins of the cable car have a capacity for eight passengers and offer an eye-bird’s view of the city. You can check the schedules and the prices at the TMB web: www.tmb.cat.


        Anella Olímpica
        Station: (L1/L3. Espanya. Bus 50, 55 y 61 y bus turístico)
        Parc de Montjuïc
        Phone 934 262 089
        This place a large number of facilities that were built for the Olympic Games of 1992 and that are still used every day: Palau Sant Jordi, Estadi Olimpic, piscines Picornell. Once you reach the top of this hill, you could visit the botanical garden or the…

        MuseuNacional ArtCatalunya

        Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (Mnac)
        Station: (L1/L3. Espanya)
        Palau Nacional - Parc de Montjuïc
        Phone 936 220 376
        Emblematic building created for the International Exposure of 1929, it hosts an exceptional collection of Romanesque and Gothic art. On Sunday: activities for children.

        Caixa Forum

        Caixa Fórum
        Station: (L1/L3. Espanya)
        Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8
        Phone 934 768 600
        Located in the old industry Casaramona, it was built by Josep Puig i Cadafalch. It is the venue for exhibits, conferences, concerts and workshops for everyone... If you are attracted by art as well as you love science, these places won’t make you remain indifferent…

        poble espanyol

        Poble Espanyol
        Station: (L1/L3. Espanya)
        Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13
        Phone 935 086 300
        El Poble Espanyol is a tourist place where the monumental Spain is represented, an enclosure that includes the main features of Iberian Peninsula. You can eat something walking in some of its streets, and at dusk go down to see the…

        fonts montjuic

        Fuentes de Montjuïc
        Station: (L1/L3. Espanya)
        plaça Carles Buigas, 1
        Music choreographies that last about 15 minutes. They are open all the year except for from 7th of January until 15th of February. In the rest of the days scheduled, you could see the fantastic show of music and colors from 19 to 21pm, and until 23pm in summertime. With this last stop, you finish the intense (and tiring) route in the most authentic Barcelona… Hope you will enjoy it!



    The night in Barcelona starts soon and finishes late, it grows longer and longer until when you want… Here we propose you some places, to go into the darkest part of the city: the night.


    Heliogabal petitcarrer de Ramon y Cajal, 80 (L4. Joanic)
    Phone 936 763 132
    You can start your night in the district of Gràcia, in a place that is much more than a music bar: concerts, poetry recitals, cabaret… with a surprise in the programme of each night, check the billboard, only from Wednesday to Saturday from 21.30 pm!

    El bosc de les Fades

    elbosc fades petitpassatge de la Banca, 7 (L3. Drassanes)
    Phone 933 172 649
    Located near to the Wax Museum, this is a curious place frequented by tourists and visitors intrigued by the magic and the charm of this place.

    Margarita Blue

    margarita blue petitcarrer de Josep Anselm Clavé, 6 (L3. Drassanes)
    Phone 934 125 489
    For those who prefer a cosmopolitan atmosphere, in this place they will serve you a delicious cocktail while you are watching some live show.

    Bar Pastís

    Bar Pastis petitcarrer de Santa Mònica, 4 (L3. Drassanes)
    Phone 933 187 980
    If you keep staying in the surroundings of Las Ramblas, you can get closer to a little bar with music and decoration of true French style and where there is always the absinth. Live shows also are organized.

    Sala Apolo

    sala apolo petitcarrer Nou de la Rambla, 113 (L2/L3. Paral·lel)
    Phone 934 414 001
    A famous concert venue and disco, specialized in electronic music, hip-hop, reggae... where there is a different atmosphere every day, check the programme.
    los tarantos petit

    Jamboree - Los Tarantos

    plaça Reial, 17 (L3. Liceu)
    Phone 933 191 789
    Two rooms upstairs: jazz, jam-sessions and music to move the body. In the lower room: the true flamenco in a dance floor.

    Ice Barcelona

    ice barcelona petitcarrer Ramon Trias Fargas, 2 (L4. Ciutadella-Villa Olímpica)
    Phone 932 241 625
    Going down the stairs of Casino de Barcelona to the beach of Somorrostro, you will find this curious bar, completely made of ice: the counter, the furniture, the walls…
    razzmatazz petit


    carrer Almogàvers, 122 (L1. Marina / L4. Bogatell)
    Phone 933 185 261


    elephant petitpasseig del Til·lers, 1 (L3. Palau Reial)
    Phone 933 340 258
    A very chic place with a nice terrace.


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